Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Terrible nightmare

I had the most awful dream last night. I was driving on a bridge - one of those big bridges with the center divided by a concrete barrier. There was a guy in the car with me. All the sudden we notice cars going the wrong way in our lane. The drivers look frantic and after a few moments we realize we'd better turn around to.

In a typical dream move that makes no sense, I'm able to manage a perfect three-point turn. But as soon as I do I realize why the other drivers were fleeing. A series of explosions are rocking the bridge - and they're getting closer. Everyone is trying to get off the bridge before the whole thing collapses. I hit the accelerator and careen through traffic. My passenger clings to my arm and tells me that no matter what happens, we are in this together.

The really, really scary part of my dream: My passenger is Sean Hannity.

After that I'm afraid to go to sleep again....


thimscool said...

For the good of the country, you should have driven into the explosions and taken one for the team.

Morgan said...

ROFL!!! You're a great American.

CJ said...

I'm a moderate conservative and listen to Hannity a couple of times a week. I agree with a lot of what he says but I really hate "the you're a great American" line. He says it to every caller who says they're a fan of the show like that's all it takes.

Morgan said...

CJ, that's because some people have a selfish criteria for what is good and bad in people.
Agree with them and never press them on their behaviors or beleifs and you are GOOD.
Disagree with them and questions inconsistencies between their actions and philosophies and you are BAD.
When people call Hannity and tell the screener they are a fan, he instantly bestows upon them the title of "Great American." It doesn't matter that they might be wife beaters or frauds. They compliment *him* and therefore that makes them good.
Liberals and many moderates don't agree with Sean, so if one calls - even if he or she is a hard-working mother or father and an honest, contributing member of the community he decides they are bad and will refuse to define them as a Great American, even if they ask.
That's because approval of him and his position is what he and others like him use as a basis to judge others.
I know not everyone will agree with me, but I don't care. It certainly doesn't make them bad people. It's not for me to say whether a person is bad, anyway. When I see bad behavior, I question it. But in politics, as in life, that sort of thing is never appreciated by those trying to pull wool over the eyes of others.

sammyray said...

AWWWWW...just feed him to Octavia.

Morgan said...

AWWWWW...just feed him to Octavia.

Sean Hannity would be too bitter. He might give Octavia indigestion.

Roland said...

You want Alan Coombs with you instead?

Morgan said...

No, Roland. Alan Combs would have just cowered and pissed on his seat from fear. I would have preferred James Carville in that situation. He could have gotten out of the car and stood in the road, raging at the other cars to let us pass. His sheer ugliness would have been more frightening than the explosions, forcing the other drivers to yield.
Happy now, Tarzan? ;-)

Roland said...


Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Hi Morgan

Ok my first time here
I like it

Recently I have been "Accused" of being a "hippie"

Like being “accused” of being a "liberal"

Somehow I missed the part where these things became a crime

Was it during the Regan years?
Most likely –

I was either too high or too angry to notice.

At any rate - I like it here
And I'll be back when my boss isn't watching so closely.

CJ: don't get me started - on Hannity or any of the other deluded neocon idiots.
I'm much too happy to think about them today.

Watch out tomorrow though

Morgan said...

"Like being “accused” of being a "liberal" Somehow I missed the part where these things became a crime"

Welcome, Bobb
I think those things became a crime of sorts when certain factions began defining "patriot" and "Christian" by their own narrow turns and labeling everyone outside that definition as Evil.
I just ignore them. It seems like you're ignoring them, too. Good for you.

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

don't get me started on christians or patriots...

but funny you should mention them because I recently wrote about Katheryne Harris and I couldn't help bringing up My Dad