Thursday, October 05, 2006

Roland and Luke have a tiff

It's over politics. Luke (Thimscool) criticizes the current administration. Roland counters that Luke is just Bush-bashing, and challenges him to name one good thing President Bush has done. Luke points to Bush's dogged persistence as what he sees as a Bush strong point:

It is important for the leader of the armed forces to be able to weather
the storms of public opinion. In spite of the vultures like Cindy Sheehan, he
has remained above the pettiness, and seems to have a genuine respect and care
for the military and their families. He does not try to exploit our dead
soldiers…But he happily exploits the dead of 9/11 every chance he gets. And his
fiscal policies (borrow and spend) are an absolute nightmare for our country.
The Dept. of Homeland Security has made Wyoming much safer, but it ignores
gaping holes in our port and border security.

To Luke's credit, he's at least open-minded. I'd wager there are fewer rabid conservatives who can find one good thing to say about Clinton than there are rabid liberals who can say one good thing about Bush. That's because most rabid, mouth-breathing conservatives are so wrapped in their flags that they can't spew anything beyond the latest line fed to them by Sean Hannity.

As for me, I've not only just about had it with both political parties (and the fringe Libertarian kooks), I've just about had it with politics.

Roland and Luke, I'd respectfully submit that there's not one politician - anywhere - who's not corrupted by power. I've seen it even in really good people here who've gone from local commissioners to state representatives. The behind-the-scenes maneuvering, special favors and tricks they employ to keep themselves in power boggles the mind. Those things increase exponentially the higher up that political ladder one goes.

My theory is the more political power you get, the farther away you drift from the people who put you there. Politicians can talk about what they do "for the people back home" all they want. Their actions are take are geared towards providing good political ads for themselves, not good leadership for constituency.

I used to think my vote meant something. I don't think so anymore. Influence isn't something you gain in the voting booth, it's something you pay for under the table. Don't tell me for a moment there's a whit of difference between Clinton and Bush in that regard.

Luke says we're in a bad way, politically. "Poor us," he says. I agree, only I'd abbreviate his last word. Poor U.S.


Roland said...

I think Clinton did fine. Not perfect, but as all our leaders, he was more than adequate to the task.

I have run into far more liberals who just bash Bush than conservative who just bash Clinton.

Must be the circles we run in. :)

And Luke just set me off. Sorry Luke, you caught me on a bad day.
I just get tired of people pissing and moaning and then not just letting it go and getting on with it.

Oh well. For what it's worth Luke, you have far more brains in your head than many of those conservatives that Morgan knows. Stick with it.

And I'm glad that Morgan is willing to be such a nice lady and allow us to make nice.


Morgan said...

I'm glad you did make nice. Honestly, it kills me to see this nation so torn up over politics. I can't believe all this Foley stuff. Anyone who thinks this is about protecting kids is so full of shit! I think the GOP or the Dem leadership would throw a basketful of babies under a train if it meant they'd gain control of the House and Senate. What a bunch of fuckers.

Good comment, Roland. You rock, Tarzan!