Saturday, October 07, 2006

Octavia earns her keep

Giant spiders in the greenhouse. Good. Giant grasshoppers. Bad. With apologies in advance for creeping out Suspect, here are a few shots taken during Octavia's morning meal. (Click on the photos to enlarge for an even gorier look).

Today we go to collect more spiders. I can hardly wait! If one is this much fun, imagine what ten will be like.


Suspect said...

Aww thanks. I wake up, first thing in the morning I check out your blog, and I'm treated to the beautiful sight of a spider feeding on a grasshopper.

You made my day.

sammyray said...


All I can say is: keep your kids out of there, or else they will end up like sucked-dry grasshoppers.

Morgan said...

Oh, as it turns out these pictures aren't nearly as horrific as what was in there this morning. Octavia spent yesterday pumping her spider venom into the grasshopper. Last night she sucked the liquified insides out and this today the grasshopper looks like a rotten banana. Suspect, you would really love it.
Sammyray, they aren't dangerous spiders. I wouldn't have them if they were. I do wonder how long it would take them to drain a human, though. If they were four-feet across instead of four-inches, they could.

CJ said...

I admire the way you see beauty where others see ugliness. I've never thought of a spider as pretty. This one is still scary close up but your other shots of her are really nice.