Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Where would a decent witch be without a couple of black cats? Or an indecent witch for that matter.

So these are our Halloween costumes. Alex and Lucas are black cats, and are so cute I can hardly stand it. I am a witch, which will come as no surprise to my haters.

Larry - the prima donna- is still getting into makeup so I'll have to post his picture tomorrow. He's going as a zombie and is probably going to get us kicked out of the party we're attending later this evening since his "outfit" consists of a live tarantula and a live snake. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'm being out-freaked. By my own spouse.

I'd kind of hoped Larry would go as my all-time favorite Halloween movie hero, Ash from Army of Darkness. I could have threatened to steal his soul and he could have said, "Yo, she-bitch. Let's go."

God, I love that movie. Everytime I watch it I want to run out and buy a pump action shotgun. Maybe next year.


sammyray said...

Army of Darkness let me down. Evil Dead is one of my fave movies of all time. Army of Darkness was too damn jokey.

Morgan said...

I think that's why I liked it. It had good special effects, excellent fight scenes and was extremely quotable.
But then again, I've never seen Evil Dead. If I had and was expecting Army of Darkness to be scary I probably would have been let down too. As it is, I just think it's a riot.

Anonymous said...

Is that a wig you're wearing because if it's not you've got some crazy long hair.

Morgan said...

That's no wig. It's my hair. I teased it out for the night. Of course, combing it out this morning has been NO fun.

CJ said...

Well all I can say is that your husband is one lucky zombie. You are one hot looking witch and those kids are cute too.

Suspect said...

More Octavia.

Morgan said...

Suspect, I thought you were afraid of Octavia. ;-)
Actually, I have a very good Octavia story to share - a story of a Spider Showdown that left her Reigning Arachnid Queen of the Greenhouse Realm. I shall try to post it tomorrow. Just for you.

Andrea said...

You looked great:)
The kids are adorable, did they bring in a good haul?

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Too Much Candy!

My office party teased me with the bright promise of good things to eat

Bit there was only candy and potato chips

Then home for more candy

Dang trick or treaters...
Where are they all?

More candy

Off to work this morning - and guess what awaits for breakfast?

You guessed it - more candy

I feal worse than your hair - someone please comb me out.

Morgan said...

Thanks, Andrea!

I had a great time. It's not every day I have an excuse to wear a witch hat and a bustier!
Lucas and Alex made out like bandits. But I think they enjoyed our friend Dan's haunted yard (the halloween party was at his house) as much as they did trick-or-treating.

Dan had a tunnel in his yard and kids couldn't get candy unless they went through it. We all made sure they earned the candy. Larry hid in the fake graveyard and jumped out as kids as they went past. I covered myself in fake blood and came staggering out as the kids were coming in, imploring them not to go in. I screamed myself hoarse in the process but it was still great fun. Then there was my unfortunate "wardrobe malfunction" which -thankfully- no kids saw, only one father who commented that was his "treat" for the evening.

After all the trick-or-treaters cleared out, Alex and Lucas and the other children watched scary movies and ate candy while the adults enjoyed steamed oysters and a few drinks.

It was as close to perfect a Halloween as I've had.

*sigh* Only 364 days until the next one.

Morgan said...

"Off to work this morning - and guess what awaits for breakfast?

You guessed it - more candy

I feal worse than your hair - someone please comb me out. "

ROFL. Bobb, you do have a way with words. Bless your heart. Well, you know, if you have to have candy for breakfast, make sure it's Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. For the protein.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your kids were real proud to go out with a mother dressed up like a pagan whore. People like you are just one of the things wrong with Halloween.

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Do you have kids?

I'll bet if you had some they would be real proud of you right now

So polite!

Morgan said...

Bobb, I'm pretty sure Anonymous is just upset because he missed out on the candy last night. A sense of false piety is not nearly so sweet - nor so satisfying -as a pile of candy corn.

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

I bet your kids ARE really proud of you
Good job making Halloween so much fun for them

You are a good mom

If there is any spiritual heat to take - I will gladly step in for you

thimscool said...

What happened to the archives, Morg?

thimscool said...

BTW, Atticus was also a black cat for Halloween, although I spent the day/night at work while he and momma are on vacation in the mountains.

Still drinking from the firehose. Can't drain the swamp because I'm fighting off aligators. [Insert your 20th century cliche here.]

Sigh. Business is good. Papa is a ghost.

Suspect said...

aww, you made me cry (sniff)

Morgan said...

The archives are there so far as I can see, thimscool. I clicked on them and they work fine this morning. Blogger glitch, maybe?

I bet Atticus was the cutest red-headed black cat every. I'm sorry you missed the trick-or-treating but if you're raking in the cash keep striking while the iron's hot. (Cliche returned.)

Morgan said...

"If there is any spiritual heat to take - I will gladly step in for you "

Bobb, you are my *favorite* champion. If anon rears his/her right-wing nutjob head again you're welcome to take him/her out.

Anonymous said...

Not that its any of your business Bobb you faggot but yes I do have kids. I have 3 daughters although I prayed for sons and still hope God will bless me with a boy. And I can tell you my wife or girls know better than to act like the pitifull slut who runs this blog. Morgan needs to read her Bible. Women are to learn in silence and not dress like whores and criticize good Christian men like she does. One day she will have to answer for what she does and so will her husband who should take away her computer and send her to church some time.

Morgan said...

Anonymous, I'm going to be generous and guess that you are someone I know posting this stuff as some sort of prank because you cannot be for real.

But in case you are for real let me state for the record that Bobb is not gay. I know this because I've slept with him, as I have slept with every guy (with the exception of Suspect) who contributes to this blog.

OK. That's a lie. I haven't slept with Bobb. Or any of my readers for that matter. But I figured while you were building a ridiculous image of me I could at least help.

As for God not blessing you with sons, don't feel bad. You are hardly as cursed as the wife and daughters you hold in such low regard. Surely the females in your house must be wondering what in the world they did to deserve *you.*

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...



Name calling?
My definition of "Good Christian Men" must be out of date.

By calling me a faggot you have inadvertently revealed more about yourself than just your marital and progeny status
You WANT me don’t you…
Well Back off, Jack off
Bobbb doesn’t roll that way

Your latent homosexuality aside – if you read my blog you would know what a stupid statement that is.
But in all fairness – I will go and read your blog anyway

Which Anonymous would you be?

There are the cowards – posing as anonymous
And there was one blog called “Anonymoustrollingasshole”
There were no posts
Is that you?

Just why do you suppose your prayer for a son wasn't answered?
My understanding is that God doesn’t determine the sex of your baby, and neither does your wife
YOU do
Here’s a clue for you – Think “Y”

But in condemning your chromosomes, perhaps God is trying to break the chain of misogyny you are trying so hard to perpetuate.
Misogynist – Yes - don’t even try to deny it.
Your attitude about women and the cheap shot names you use to denounce my friend Morgan open a door for me to see right into your soul
Such is the gift God has given me

As such I will pray for your poor wife and daughters, suffering in silence – but not for you
Seeing as my heathen soul is already condemned to your “Hell”, I get the freedom to pick and choose
Tell me – do you chain them up at night? – Or is the threat of your brooding contempt enough to keep them in line.
Since you have already bought your way into heaven by suppressing your wife and children, like a good Christian man, you hardly need my prayers anyway.

You bury yourself in a book while ignoring – aye even stifling the humanity that surrounds you.
And for this you believe yourself to be “good”

One day you will have to answer for what you do.
I hope for your sake that God doesn’t turn out to be a woman.
But as for me, I’m praying for it

So go ahead – flame away, quote your scripture and tell me why I am wrong about you – but you are right about everything
Call me names - the uglier the better – so that God will see what a good Christian you are.
Jesus loves you – but I don’t

But leave Morgan out of it.

As for you Morgan
Thanks for that Image!
I won’t be able to sleep for a week!

Morgan said...

Just why do you suppose your prayer for a son wasn't answered?
My understanding is that God doesn’t determine the sex of your baby, and neither does your wife
YOU do
Here’s a clue for you – Think “Y”

Bobb, Anon is is the second "Christian" nimrod who missed the discussion on chromosones in basic biology.
Of course, I suspect that when it comes to chromosones, Anon may have an extra one, if you get my drift. ;-)
I could say more, but you about covered it all in your comment, Bobb.
But I can understand why Anon trolls now. If I were this backwards I wouldn't want anyone to know who I was, either.

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Still metabolizing

I needed 2 milkey ways and a three muskateers just to get to sleep last night

No sugar at all today - not even in my coffee
Can we say crash and burn?

Anon is luckey I didn't look too deeply into his head.

Anonymous said...

Biology has nothing to do with it. GOD decides what babies to send us and if you read the Bible you'd know that not that I'd waste scripture on a fag and his whore. You would'nt understand it anyway. And no I'm not worried. It was prophesyed that I will have a son. I just thought it would have happened by now but like I said I'm not worried because I have two things Bobb and Morgan don't have and that's JESUS and FAITH.
And no I don't lock my wife and daughters up but I won't have a computer in our house either and this is why. I don't want them exposed to the world. I'm strong enough to handle it but they are weaker vessels and can be led ashtray.

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

No really - I am SO glad you are so strong

Those poor poor weak women!

So I suppose you go to your concubine's house to use a PC eh?

Here's a prophecy for you:
Your wife will leave you and your daughters will grow up hating you

Your son, if you have one - will be gay

This will most likely be a result of your molesting him at an early age

Good luck on your judgment day

Morgan said...

"I don't want them exposed to the world. I'm strong enough to handle it but they are weaker vessels and can be led ashtray."

Led ASHTRAY? Are you saying computer use leads to smoking?

Bobb is right. Those women-folks are soooo lucky to have you.

Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

…they are weaker vessels and can be led ashtray.

I should point out that "spell check" does not account for stupidity

Since your women are so easily led astray, I suggest you get JESUS to proof read for you

As for me - Im done