Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Creating Income

As of this morning, I can move another one of my hobbies into the "business" category. My camera investment, it seems, is going to pay off sooner than I'd imagined. I'm now, officially, a working freelance photographer!

Yesterday I visited a local vineyard to snap shots during the final days of the grape harvest. The grapes came in early this year and the vines are nearly picked clean. A few old women trudged around, picking what they could find. The light was perfect, and the remaining grapes were like jewels on the vine. I shot for about an hour, came home, went through the photos and this morning submitted about a dozen of my favorites on spec to the newspaper.

The editor emailed me later to say she wanted four, and the paycheck will be enough to make up for more than half the cost of the telephoto lens I recently purchased. What's more, I've been given an assignment to find and shoot interesting people in a nearby rural community!

This is a Big Deal to me because I find photography to be the perfect complement to writing. Capturing a moment in both words and pictures is artistically gratifying. Getting paid to do either is a privilege; getting paid to do both is like icing on the cake.

Today I feel....blessed.


CJ said...

I'm not surprised you got the job. Your a talented girl and I love seeing your pictures and reading your words. (And looking at your avatar.) Congrats.

Morgan said...

Now you've gone and made me blush, CJ. And "girlishly" at that. ;-)

sammyray said...


The thing I appreciate about your eye is that you shoot things from a female perspective, if that makes any sense. Very few photographers have "voice" in their work, but I get that in your work.

I guess your'e shooting digitally? You must have one hell of a camera.

Erik said...

You lucky dog you!

Perhaps I shall try that next time I get some good pics... I'm about to start working for the paper anyways so maybe I can get some favortism or something. I'd rather get it cuz of talent tho. And I doubt I will be seeing any of the editors anytime soon as I am sure they will be asleep whilst I am working.

Morgan said...

I just got back from shooting spider pictures for a story I'm doing on golden silk spiders in our area. Talk about your dream job! I'd been asked to just shoot some nature stuff for a stand-alone but when I got to the arboretum, these massive spiders were everywhere! They aren't native here, but are establishing so I shot loads of photos including one of a spider eating a giant grasshopper! I'm so psyched!
Sammyray, that was nice what you said - a true compliment. I try to put voice in my pictures and am glad to know it's coming through.
Erik, good luck with your job. Paper are always looking for talent, which is in short supply. Show them what you've got and they won't be able to ignore it. Just keep plugging away.
When I started as a stringer, I had to work my ass off, but that's what it took so that's what I did. You might run into some obstacles with personalities and egos but if you persist it will pay off. I promise. Good luck!

Morgan said...

"I guess your'e shooting digitally? You must have one hell of a camera."

It's a digital SLR, a Canon Rebel XT, and about as much as I could ask for at the moment. I recently got a telephoto lens and am shopping around for macros now.