Monday, September 18, 2006

Zoo Photos!

So we spent yesterday at the N.C. Zoological Park. It was wonderful fun, and while I'd like to go into detail about what we saw and experienced, I have kids to educate and paying work to see to.

Alas, that means no time for extensive blogging, but I did manage to upload these pictures to Photobucket, so enjoy them!

I will say that my newly acquired Canon Rebel XT performed well, and I'd recommend the Canon EF 75-300mm to anyone as a bargain lens that does the Canon name proud. That's not to say I'm not eyeing more advanced lenses - both telephoto and macro. But they're pricey, which gives me good incentive to work. :-)


thimscool said...

I have mixed feelings about zoos. I appreciate your comments about how some of the animals looked none-too-pleased in their "habitats". I think that the NC Zoo does a pretty good job, overall. It’s a long way from a traveling circus. But I can't help but feel a little queasy about the idea of limiting an animal’s freedom.

Did you hear this NPR story about how the Bronx zoo had a human exhibit for a while (turn of the last century). [shudder]

thimscool said...

As usual, awesome pics, Morg. I really liked the crown pigeons, of course. But that Larry animal had a magnetism all his own!

Erik said...

Horrible Morgan. Absolutely horrible!

I cant believe it was you that got to take those pictures and not me! Excellent work and of good enough quality that you might offer them to the zoo and see if they will hire you. Serious on that.

Morgan said...

I'm not a big fan of zoos, either, but as my sister cynically pointed out to me the other day, at the rate we're going they will likely be the only venue to view many animals generations from now.
My feelings about zoos have always been mixed. I hate the roadside ones, and even the habitats in big zoological parks are wanting. And some species just shouldn't be forced to endure captivity, especially in regions so far removed from their habitats.
The polar bears at the N.C. Zoo are so miserable looking that I didn't include any of the photos. They had a decent enclosure, but were sweltering in the September heat.
In the zoos defense, the bears were formerly neglected circus animals, and the zoo is clearly a step up. But still....
Captive propogation in zoos is the best argument one can make, provided they do it. More rare reptiles have been propogated in the private sector than in zoos, which have hit-and-miss breeding programs. But the zoos that do have good programs will likely ensure the survival of some species.
I haven't read the NPR story; I'll look it up.
I'm glad you like the pictures, and yes, the Unshaven Larry is quite a specimen, especially in his preferred habitat of tropical plants. :-)

Morgan said...

Erik, You're welcome to come to the zoo with us at anytime if you're ever in N.C.
I've thought of sending the chimp photo to the zoo. As far as any work, I'm afraid I'd be disappointed. There were some *serious* photographers there on Sunday with tripods and zoom lenses longer than my arms. Larry pointed out one lens that he said probably would cost aout $5,000.
I was particularly impressed that some photograhers had equipment that enabled them to get shots of the vampire bats in a very low-light exhibit. I'd love to learn how to do that.
I think that's why I'm so excited about gettiner serious with my photography. There is sooo much to learn.
And comments like yours encourage me to do that. Thanks, Erik!

Morgan said...

As I recall, the zoo is closer to your neck of the woods than mine. Does your family go very often? We were thinking of going back when it's a bit cooler. Our families could meet there if you'd like. We want to get up there one a weekday next time, so the animals won't be so freaked by the big crowds.

thimscool said...

I'd really like that. Things are pretty hectic for me for the next few weeks, but I should be able to see some daylight in mid-late October.

I talked to Nicole, and she votes for a Tuesday. We haven't taken Atticus to the zoo yet, but we've talked about going sometime this fall. He really wants to see the meerkats. What incredible animals.

Don't look to hard for the NPR story... I linked to it in the post above. ;)


Morgan said...

Wow, thimscool. I checked out that NPR story. Unbelievable. I mean, I know we were far from the political correctness of our generation, but doesn't it seem that even back then, someone with the zoo would have stopped and said, "You know, something just seems wrong with this idea...."
I'm just glad it happened up North. So the next time some transplanted New Yorker starts yammering about slavery, I can come back with, "Well, at least we didn't put black folks in the zoo like ya'll did."

October sounds great for a zoo trip, and we're so flexible with our schedule we can arrange it for any day. Just email me offlist and let me know in advance what a good day is for you.

Alex and Lucas will love palling around with Atticus and Larry and I will enjoy meeting you and Nicole in person.

Erik said...

Mid-late october? Sheesh. Y'all'l freeze to death!

Well, you would if you were going to the zoo here anyways.

Morgan said...

Not here in N.C. It's just getting tolerable in October.