Saturday, September 02, 2006

Typical Ann Coulter fan?

Normally I don't take issue with other Bloggers, but something so extraordinarily amusing happened this past week that I thought the irony of it all was exceptionally post-worthy.

Another Blogger, Bane, took issue with my simple suggestion that he might supplement his tip jar and Amazon wish list with some actual work. For those of you unfamiliar with Bane, his life is one long tale of woe, from his adventures with a car that won't run to his sweltering AC-deprived house to his leaking air mattress. Of course, he's not in it alone in his sad little boat. He has a hard-working wife - a very hardworking wife who by all accounts has the patience of Job. He also has two sweet little kids, one with a serious disability.

Bane's disabled, or so he says. He's a decent writer, too, hovering somewhere between Good and Not As Good As He Thinks He Is. So when I recommended he seek out some writing jobs, he got quite angry and declared himself above working - that being something he apparently prefers to leave to the wife.

It seems Bane would rather rely on the charity of his readers, which strikes me a rather liberal approach for a man who considers the very conservative Ann Coulter a "goddess." Call me crazy, but if your family needs basic necessities and you regularly refer readers to a wish list in hopes they'll buy you the latest version of "Doom" your priorities seem pretty left of center. Why work when you can have people give you stuff instead? Sorry, but that sounds remarkably like something they'd teach you in Panhandling 101. And that's fine if you're a hobo living on your own. But when you've got a family? Not.

Another disappointing aspect of this guy is what a wuss he turned out to be. I can only assume he agreed with Ann when she said the 9/11 widows seem to be enjoying their husband's deaths a bit too much. So it surprises me when he takes umbrage at someone suggesting he might be getting equal mileage out of his kid's problems, given that he appears to be playing the sympathy card pretty often. It seems to me that he'd appreciate such an observation, it being Coulteresque and all. When Coulter does it to someone else, he seems to find it funny. When someone does it to him, it's "attacking his family." But I'm not attacking his family. I feel sorry for them. I'm not even attacking him; I'm attacking his adherence to a liberal approach that is keeping his family below the poverty line when he could easily do more to help.

I had thought to engage Bane in a debate on this, once upon a time. True we've sparred in the past and I never took it as seriously as he did. I wasn't afraid to go another round. But that was not to be. Bane not only stifles comment on his blog, he runs about encouraging others to ban those who criticize him. This is regrettable, and has turned my image of him as a crusty ex-soldier into that of a sad, middle-aged man who can dish it out while being completely unable to take it. I wonder if Coulter knows this is the type of person who buys her books. I wonder if she'd be proud if she did.

You may wonder if I harbor any ill will towards Bane, given my criticisms. The honest answer is I don't. I haven't come across anyone yet that was worth the energy it would take to hate them. Bane is no different. So no, I don't feel animosity for the guy, just disappointment. I'd thought him tougher than that. Especially given that he's an Ann Coulter fan.


Anonymous said...


Bane don't even exsist as he says he does, we were talking by email once because I felt sorry for him and had fallen for his BS. I asked for a picture of Johnny, not published, just for me. His answer? It is our policy. The red flags went up right away.

Anonymous said...

Against our policy

Anonymous said...

Also go to my Blog an read the not well written Holy Water post which givesw women their rightful place with God.

That Cleaning Lady said...

Claps to you for trying to get mr. worthless off his fanny and onto a real job. Sounds like just another wannabe with a deep pocket and inability to get off his duff. I feel bad for the people that feel the need to help him financially, and I feel more sorry for his wife (the hard working one). I was raised by a man that never let me forget the only way to get what you need is to work for it... (Above working... geez)
Panhandling 101... love it!!
I can't imagine that they'd be against sending out pictures of their disabled son, seems it would foster more concern and money for the cause...
Gattina has some comments about children that never leave home.. and the lawyers that earn money making them move out on Writers Cramps. What a world... what a world...

Morgan said...

I can't really blame him for not sending a picture of Johnny, if what he says is true. But you raise a good point. Anyone can say anything, and for all any of us know, Bane could have manufactured the whole scenario as a ploy.
But my gut instinct is that he's a real guy and his family and situation is real, which just makes it all that more perplexing that he won't get off his duff and help them more.
But yeah, the "our policy" statement is a bit odd, isn't it? Makes it sound like he's running a business. Or a scam.

Morgan said...

Cleaning lady,
I believe Bane does have deep pockets, they're just empty.
Your dad sounds like my dad. He never, ever would have considered not working to support his family, or sending his wife out to work while he sat around and played video games.
My dad started off taking every kind of work he could get. Nothing was beneath him and today he's a wealthy business owner. But at 70 he's still working. Not because he has to, but because that's the kind of man he is.

Anonymous said...

I had the guy pegged as a free cheese lib early on. It takes more than talking big to be big. Good call.

Morgan said...

In all fairness don't think I've ever seen Bane mention getting free cheese on his blog, but I don't get by there every day. So I may have missed something.

Erik said...

With all of the various jobs that can be done from home anymore there is no excuse not to work at all. Granted many of those jobs dont pay real well, but when you live paycheck to paycheck even an extra $50 a week makes a huge difference.

There is a company (Alpine somthing or other) that hires people to work from home and answer calls for various big companies. The pay is like $9/hr. If one worked only 4 hour days 5 days a week, there is almost a mortgage payment. And with how often Bane updates his blog he obviously spends a huge amount of time in front of the computer.

Morgan said...

Yeah, Erik, but you're coming at this from the vantage point of a independent person, which was the mistake I made when I approached Bane.

The moment he blogged about living partially off his crippled kid's disability was the moment I realized that suggesting he work was a moot point all along.

A guy like that lacks more than motivation; he lacks conscience.

k said...

*But my gut instinct is that he's a real guy and his family and situation is real, which just makes it all that more perplexing that he won't get off his duff and help them more.*

I agree with that gut instinct myself. Of course, it's almost impossible to know for sure, especially here in the blogosphere.

However, the answer to this not-working business is a pretty simple one. You're perplexed because you're missing some very important information. Me, I'm not omniscient, and won't swear to the absolute accuracy of this history as I understand it, but FWIW, here it is.

The reason is this: Johnny's extreme physical deformities require ongoing surgeries. Serious and expensive surgeries, running into the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. They aren't nearly finished, so, no news on the dollar total.

Bane didn't make enough to pay for those medical expenses out of pocket.

So, he started out taking Johnny through the VA medical system. For veterans and their dependents, it's generally free. However, the quality of their medical care can be truly substandard. He had some experience of this. Since Johnny's a child, and one would prefer not to have children suffer the ill effects of that sort of thing, Bane decided to go to *regular* physicians for Johnny's ongoing treatments.

The only way this would be affordable for him, or for almost any of us, is via public assistance of one sort or another.

In order to qualify, you need to be a low-income person.

The choices Bane faced were to let Johnny go without medical treatment, or bite the bullet and, effectively, retire. Since Bane has a medical disability of his own, he went on disability.

He home-schools his kids, which to my mind is also a job, and an extremely important one. It's working for the benefit of his family, although it doesn't bring home income. Also, given the nature of Johnny's physical condition, he requires special attention. He's partially blind, prone to injury, and can't move his hands and feet right. So even while Bane's at his computer, I've no doubt he's constantly and profoundly aware of where Johnny is and what he's doing.

Personally, I think he made the right decision in a very difficult situation. I also don't see this as a lazy guy milking his wife or his family or his deformed kid for money. I've known a lot of people like that, and although you folks don't know me at all, those who do say I'm very good at reading people. The tests of time bear this out.

I also think it was inappropriate to even ask for a picture of Johnny. I myself would never have sent one out. The sometimes awful events arising from internet contact require a certain caution on all our parts. Add to that: This is a deformed child, who may very well not want to have a stranger gazing on a picture of his deformities, for whatever motive was behind that request. Therefore, I don't take Bane's *policy* statement as a negative reflection on his character.

I hope this clears up some confusion.

Whatever your personal taste or opinion of Bane and his blog, I think this is a genuine situation that calls for compassion, thoughtfulness, and respect. We're none of us perfect, and maybe that goes double for Bane. But I truly believe that his care and work and attention toward his family is in the sphere of his very good qualities, rather than his faults.

And, once apprised of the facts, I think most would agree with me.

Anonymous said...

Bane, was that your mom?

k said...


Morgan said...


I don't think that was Bane's mom, just a compassionate observer.
All of what he/she says may be relevant and I'd bite if Bane's wife weren't run ragged with work by his own admission.

From what I gather, she works a job and in addition cleans hotels for extra money. He recently backtracked and said the extra income was for "retreats." Who knows?

And even if all you say is true, the fact remains that Bane could still do more. He could earn at least a parttime income from his writing and still qualify for Johnny's medical care. I'm sure Bane's wife might to have more time with the kids, more dependable transportation and less worry about how they're going to get by.

I have a child with a disability myself; my middle son is autistic. It completely changed my life, and necessitated reshaping my career to work from home so I can be more available for him.

Anyone can work from home these days. Bane pointed that out himself recently, while seeming to miss the point that the option was equally available to him.

A little extra income can make a big difference, especially for very poor people like Bane and his family.

He doesn't have to make so much that he no longer qualifies for Medicaid, but he could make enough to take some of the burden off the wife, who I'm sure would love to have more time with her ailing little boy. And he's still have time to blog.

Whether that ever happens for her is up to Bane. My hunch is that it will never happen for her as long as she's married to a guy more interested in blogging and gaming than finding a way for his kids to have more time with Mommy.

It seems to me that giving such a gift to his kids would would have a higher value to him than anything on his wish list. But it doesn't.

CJ said...

I don't know the guy's situation but he could work and not report the income if he's really scared of losing the kids benefits. If his wife is working two jobs her second one must not be tipping the scales too much. He could work the second job instead. My aunt was married to a guy like that. He wouldn't do shit.

That Cleaning Lady said...

I'd like to know how a married couple gets away with one working and one staying home and still getting benefits? Seems to me the wife should be sitting home too. If he's so busy homeschooling his kids how come he has so much time to update his blog and do wishlists to Amazon? If Johnny is blind and flopping around the house, he needs to get off the computer! Sounds like a conflict of interest to me.
IF all is so bad, maybe he needs to make a "need money for my son's million dollar surgeries" sign and go sit on a freeway offramp somewhere, sure to be more lucrative than begging for x-box games on the internet.
If ksquest is so privy to Bane's situation, why isn't he or she over there lending a hand instead of hopping on someone else's blog to justify Bane's actions? He/she says that he/she is not omniescent, but seems to know the facts that should lead to compassion, so which is it? B.S. 101 or the wife enabeling her deadbeat husband who'se on the computer updating his wishlist? Hope someone is keeping an eye on Johnny.

Morgan said...

Cleaning Lady,
Bane's self-professed approach to parenting his children is to ignore them. It was a pre-emptive explanation he offered one day, likely to stave off the exact questions you raise. By his own admission, they pop in on him every once in a while to say "hi" when he's on the computer.
How he's able to do this if - as his kid is as compromised as Ksquest claims - should only raise more doubt to just what's going on. I assume his daughter would have to be responsible for making sure her brother stays safe. It's not something I would ask of a child, but then Bane seems better at outsourcing respsonsibilities.
I don't know how he homeschools, either given that his parenting approach puts blogging as Priority One.
There are extreme 'unschoolers' out there who give the kids a pile of books and say, "Teach yourself while I go off and do my own thing.' Perhaps Bane is an unschooler.
I checked in this a.m. to see find his sad blog saga has continue. His kids play front and center, again. I guess he must be getting tired of his old video games and hopes the drama will inspire someone to give. After all, it will be for The Children.
I also note that he again alludes to his critics. I can't help but to find that peculiar. If my kid were injured the last thing on my mind would be a tiff I was having with some stranger. Unless, of course, my blog reputation was more important than my kid. Or I was making it all up.

Anonymous said...

If he can't stop talking about you Morgan did you ever think it's because he's got a crush on you? There's that fine line between love and hate.

Morgan said...

"...did you ever think it's because he's got a crush on you?"

That's actually funny, because one of his commenters suggested on his blog that the reason Bane hates me so is because I remind him of his ex-wife.
Personally I'm flattered to have been compared to a woman with enough sense to dump somebody like that. It beats working two jobs to support him.
But enough. At this point I'm growing bored with playing "Kick the Liberal." He can continue to spin his image all he wants; it's enough for me to know that not everyone is buying into it.

k said...

Cleaning Lady:

*I'd like to know how a married couple gets away with one working and one staying home and still getting benefits?*

The system is set up so disabled people get disability income, irrespective of the income of their partners. Disability determinations aren't needs-based. They're like insurance payments. We pay into Medicare when we work; if we become unable to work, we put in an insurance claim. If someone hits your car, the insurance payment has nothing to do with your income.

The Medicaid, etc. part is the needs-based aspect, which takes into account the income and expenses of the family as a whole. If they still qualify for needs-based benefits, it's because the combination of disability income and the wife's work is insufficient to meet the family's basic needs.

I see no conflict with having as full a life as possible - in fact, I find that commendable. Surely that can include homeschooling and gaming both.

As far as the *tales of woe* bit, many of us do that on our blogs. It doesn't necessarily mean we're pity-mongers or lazy or whining. Dealing with real-life issues like disability, especially that of one's child, isn't always easy. Blogging is a therapeutic tool for people, and I believe that's valid and useful for the blogger and many readers, alike.

I'm no more privy to Bane's situation than anyone else who reads his blog. I'm less interested in justifying Bane's actions than in discussing facts that I believe are overlooked and misinterpreted. I also, as always, hope to encourage others to decrease trolling, as opposed to discussion. There really is a difference. If I thought you or Morgan or her other readers were a bunch of thoughtless, unintelligent, mean-spirited fools, I'd never bother to come here and comment like this.

As for lending others a hand? Again, of course you don't know me. I do a fair amount of lending others a hand, as I can, in my life. Unfortunately, I am seriously ill myself, and have to spend far more time taking care of this body than I'd like. Also, I'm not a friend, neighbor, or relative of Bane's; it would be presumptuous of me to run to some stranger's house to help, even if it were physically possible for me to travel. I'm certainly not Bane's wife! As far as I know, neither Bane nor the people who do know him have any idea I'm posting comments here.

Recently, someone who IS a friend of mine was badly and unjustly hurt by a trolling-type situation. What I'm trying to do here is not defend Bane so much as try to get everyone involved to think a bit more carefully about it all. Look at the facts a little more, read a bit more, before making a rush to judgement. Let's save our vitriol for those who rightly deserve it, and expend that vitriol in a more appropriate manner than trolling. That's all.

Cleaning Lady, I took the liberty of stopping by your blog. It looks to me like you've come to believe that your own guy really is that deadbeat type. Very much. I'm sorry for any person, man or woman, in a relationship like that. I know full well it can be harder to get out of than some people think. He sounds like a jackass who's doing all he can to eat away your self-esteem - ah, that classic control-freak tactic. Don't let him. You're worth far more than that. Far more than him. I wish you all the luck in the world in getting out of it, as intact as possible, as soon as it's feasible. The sooner the better - that way, you're less damaged emotionally.

And just in case you wondered? - Yes, I do truly and sincerely mean that.

Morgan said...

"And just in case you wondered? - Yes, I do truly and sincerely mean that."

I have no doubt that you mean that, Kquest.
As for the speculation, Bane's is an open forum and the conclusions I and others have drawn have been drawn from his own admissions.
I don't think any of us are trying to hurt the guy. If I thought what I said was really going to hurt him, I wouldn't say it.
But I do have to admit to being amused at his expense. He simply cannot stop talking about this. If someone makes a claim too outrageous to be believed, it's generally ignored. Given Bane's endless reaction, I have to believe that the only reason he's so defensive is because everything I've said about him is true. I've hit a soft spot and he can't stop massaging the ache.

Two Clicks Right said...

I found your blog via Vox Day as I did Bane's. I rarely respond to bloggers unless I find that there is a minimum of shared interests. Of course, in this case, it is the chosen topic.

As all, or many of us, have surmised, there is the possibility that this Bane person is a complete nonentity who gets some sense of happiness in playing games. Actually, I discounted, early on, his acuity in in being able to express a solid opinion about anything unless it was laced with his obvious devotion to fecal matter and other bodily discharges.

He tries to come across as a paragon of patriotic virtue. A real John Wayne resuscitated and waving the good ol' Red White and Blue.

After reading his blog for a few weeks, I began to see that he was no different than a panhandler on the corner at the local 7-11. To his credit, I will cede that he at least manages to stay out of the sun while rattling his cup.

Any disagreement with him on his blog is immediately me with a chawbakker mouth full of vulgarity and venom. By the same token, any disagreement with him on someone else's blog results in the same evason of the topic and an outpouring of potty mouth. "Poor guy." Just thought I would throw that in to show how nice I can be.

Looser, moocher, beggar, fraud, liar, con-man, shiftless; you can place them in your own alphabetical order.

Morgan said...


I'd only add coward to the list. He's reading everything written here, despite claims to the contrary, and continuing to offer limp defenses of his deadbeat existence. But the more he tries to justify it, the more emasculated he becomes.

He's also been contacting other bloggers, trying to get them to ban me. The pull he has outside his circle is as weak as is debating skills; no one has done what he asked.

Poor guy, indeed...

k said...


Since you have a special needs child of your own, you know first-hand how draining it can be. Two parents attending to the kid's needs can switch duty time. Relieve each other, as it were.

The assumption that the Banes' household arrangements deprive the mother of time she'd prefer to spend with Johnny has no foundation I can find. *It seems to me that giving such a gift to his kids would have a higher value to him than anything on his wish list. But it doesn't.* But how can you assume he isn't already doing just that, finding the balance between mother time and father time? And don't all children need the time and attention of their father, too?

I don't see where she's working *two jobs,* either. She seems to do her caretaking and/or cleaning job by job, then spend a fair amount of time on her chosen activities like going on retreats with her church. This isn't new information; it's been a long consistent theme in his blog.

All blog personas are a mix of truth and story telling, sometimes parodying our own lives. I view this not as fraud, but poetic license. Example: Pretty Lady's intelligence, moral foundation, honesty, courage, and compassion shine through her blog; these come from her real and true beating heart. Her blog persona doesn't distort those essential truths of her nature.

To learn Pretty Lady's actually from Texas, and has lived in some bad neighborhoods, didn't surprise me a bit. The only surprising thing would be if it surprised someone. Surely that pretty and perfect profile - including, perhaps, the photo - is a blog persona. It's a very fine one, just right, so well done. I admire and applaud it. Great fun and thought-provoking too. To me, it's 100% valid and commendable.

As is her approach to the typical money-making activities we see on blogs. Advertising, tip jars, and wish lists are NOT uncouth to me. We sit here and blog away, for our own creative satisfaction, therapy, what have you - and in the process we entertain our readers. Tip-jar payment for that entertainment is entirely by CHOICE - not so when you run out to Blockbuster.

Bane now avails himself of this as a sort of secondary income. He didn't for years. Recently, he was finally talked into it by his friend and blog administrator. It provides something extra financially for his family. Other than that, the administrator recently did a sort of *blog-a-thon* to replace his dead computer. That seemed to make some people think he does this all the time. He doesn't. Even on the computer replacement, it was his administrator, not Bane, who wanted to do it.

Perhaps others scorn this method, and wouldn't want to *stoop* to it themselves. On their blog, that's their own choice. They can't, however, say he should stop doing that, but also be writing in order to provide more for his family. That's exactly what he IS doing - in one of the few legitimate ways a disabled person in his circumstances can safely do.

He never, ever, said nor implied he was *above working;* wherever that misinformation originated, it really is off the mark. He said he wouldn't choose a specific avenue suggested to him by someone unacquainted with his peculiar financial structure. He didn't explain all the reasons behind that decision. Nor must he.

I myself am disabled, and on Social Security Disability. My own financial situation is severe enough that I have trouble getting my medical needs paid, including important prescriptions. In 1994 I was denied two years' worth of SSD claims because I'd kept trying to work occasional temp jobs instead of applying for disability. The nature of my illnesses are such that these attempts made my condition much worse; for every two weeks I spent working, I'd spend two weeks sick in bed afterwards. If I'd had any kind of insurance I would have been hospitalized more than once. To add insult to injury, those work attempts cost me a serious amount of money when I finally accepted reality and applied for SSD.

Since then, if I tried to do piecework from home, my health exacerbations made me unreliable. I'm not *dependable*; I can suddenly end up in bed for two months as my little project languishes, unfinished, and my customer can't get their work back on time. I've wracked my brains for 15 years on how to increase my income. Given that my disability is genuinely debilitating, it's virtually impossible.

In real life, it's not nearly as easy as it sounds for the disabled to work, even in small amounts.

In Bane's case, perhaps he could get some sort of *under-the-table* writing jobs from home, and not report them, as one of the commenters suggested here. But this is both illegal and immoral. It's the sort of illegal that would endanger his family's financial safety in a big way. That's irresponsible.

And although I say this to people who probably would never believe it, Bane, in his way, is a moral person. He hates to lie. Recently, another blogger was conflicted over how to ask for more time off work. She needs it to help a friend during surgery, but was afraid to tell her employer the true reason for her request. Bane's comment was to go ahead and tell the truth - leaving out her friend's private medical details - since the right policy was to tell the truth and trust in God over the outcome.

Not a good candidate to play around with illegally unreported income.

When Bane describes his wife as working her fingers to the bone, or calls her a saint, I don't take it as literal truth. It looks to me more like a mark of sincere respect for a woman he loves and admires. A woman he wants to be happy and healthy and whole.

In fact, Bane's mix of great attention to his wife's needs, and his children's needs - including the need we all have for space, for unstructured time - is one that many married people would envy. I don't see him as depriving Mrs. Bane of anything. Quite the opposite. His absolute willingness to watch over the children so she can *do her own thing* could be viewed as quite a gift to her from him. Unless you know what her wishes are, you can't assume she's being deprived of them. We're all different that way.

You say, *Whether that ever happens for her is up to Bane. My hunch is that it will never happen for her as long as she's married to a guy more interested in blogging and gaming than finding a way for his kids to have more time with Mommy.* If this were indeed a situation where the man was milking his wife and family, and lazily refusing to work, her freedom from that situation is NOT one that can only come from him. In fact, as another of your readers is learning - a reader who, coincidentally, refers to being a cleaning lady - it CAN'T come from the *perp.* Only we can free ourselves.

I find no reason not to respect Bane's wife's intelligence and courage and willingness to defend herself. So I think she stays there because she's content with the arrangements. And that if they were unfair, she wouldn't be content, and wouldn't put up with them.

According to Bane - again, FWIW - her reaction to the current spate of trolling on Bane's site is that it makes her very unhappy. If the position of the trollers is that they do this because they feel he's being financially abusive to his wife - i.e., that they want to help her - instead, they are hurting her. To bring emotional pain to any person one's never met, and had no dealings with, is mean-spirited to begin with. To bring emotional pain to Bane's wife, who never did one thing to harm or even annoy the trollers - and then to say it's done in order to help her - is hypocritical as well.

I have no dog in this fight. I'm not a Bane fan. I recognize his talent and artistry, as you said you do yourself, but it's not usually to my taste. However, I do want to hear that voice continue. Whether it's *my thing* or not, it's a good one and a unique one, and I want more, not less, diverse blogging out there.

My reading is that he's as imperfect as any of us - who hasn't done things they wished they could change? - but that he's also a hard-working husband and father who's caring, giving, fiercely protective of, and fair to, his family.

So if I'm not a big Bane fan, why am I here, spending my time putting two long comments on your blog?

I don't know who's doing the trolling he talks about, since he deletes those comments. I am under the impression that some of them, at least, read your blog. My objection to the recent spate of trolling is on two fronts. First, I do believe he's been seriously misjudged, mostly because of a lack of facts, and also because of his acerbic and vulgar style. Sometimes it's easier to jump on someone who appears to fit a stereotype like the sponging lazy husband, than to investigate and think first. That takes much more time, and isn't as instantly gratifying as jumping on that snark bandwagon. Me, I don't like to see anyone treated unjustly, and I do believe that's happening here.

Second, no matter how truly awful a particular blogger may be, I strenuously object to trolling at all. Or blogwars. I hate them, under any circumstances. Have a disagreement? State your piece - then move on. For those who do enjoy the sort of excoriating discussions that I don't, the place to do it is on the blogs of the participants rather than the target. Perfectly appropriate place; no collateral damage to innocents.

It's good to hear you wouldn't deliberately hurt another blogger. But consider this: if Bane's massaging an ache, doesn't that mean it does hurt? What if you're wrong about him? Sometimes we get defensive when we aren't being attacked. Sometimes we get defensive because we ARE being attacked, and generally speaking, it hurts to be attacked. If we're attacked over an incorrect characterization or accusation, that goes double at least.

Trolling damages innocent bystanders, like Bane's wife. It leads to suppression of free speech. It has repercussions that include the way others view bloggers - are we legitimate thinkers-writers-debaters-entertainers, or a bunch of snarling petty backbiters? Trolling is a base, low, nasty, uncouth activity. Far worse than putting advertising or tip jars or Amazon wish lists on one's blog.

Essentially, some believe Bane's a fraud and a con-man, and some do not. The vulgar style, the opinions I disagree with, don't evidence fraud to me. In my previous life I investigated a fair amount of white-collar fraud, and my performance statistics proved I was quite good at it, so I tend to trust my own assessment of fraudulent characters. Those on the other side will, perhaps, be good enough to agree to disagree with me. And - I hope - be good enough to just consider the repercussions of their actions if they are actually as mistaken about Bane, his situation, his kids, his honesty, and his morality as I think they are.

Thanks for listening. I'm done.

Morgan said...


Pardon me for saying, but it seems that your own disability is playing a factor here. Attacking Bane, who claims a disability equals attacking all disabled, including you, no? I sense a bit of defensiveness that's really unwarranted.

Why else would anyone try to justify the actions of a man who could earn an income but chooses not to? And sorry, but he has said is wife works two jobs, the cleaning gig being the second one. Why shouldn't he work one of them, since her second income apparently isn't jeapordizing Johnny's benefits? Hmmmm?

And your point about how Bane won't work under the table because it's immoral is laughable. If you can accept computers and computer games on the side, you can accept the cash that could make a difference for your family.

I don't know if you have kids.I have to suspect you're not a mother, or you never would imply that a mother's absence doesn't affect the kids. Something tells me tNat and Johnny would benefit more from the company of a saintly, attentive woman than a man who admittedly ignores them most of the day while he blogs.

As to trolling, I haven't commented on Bane's blog since our disagreement there. If others are still commenting there, it's only because he continues to emasculate himself by defending his continued sponging off the wife and crippled kids disability. It's not my fault if people are stopping by to watch the guy chew his own balls off.

As for hurting Bane, he has no problem writing all sorts of scurilous things about people. Why should he be above a dose of his own medicine? Is he better than any of the private or public figures he slams on his blog? You seem to want to give him a pass because he claims to be disabled.

If I were like Bane (which I'm not since I actually work) I'd have labeled you a troll and banned you already since you've disagreed. But I'm not like that. I enjoy a debate, and don't need others to ban my detractors or come to my defense.

I will agree with you on one point, though; you're right about special needs' kids, they can be draining. That's why it's so important to have two parents who work together to assure that the kids have security and an available mother and father. You can't give a kid that if you spend his disbility check and send his momma out to work without lifting a finger to help her.

Sorry, ksquest. I'm not without compassion, but you're defending the indefensible here.

CJ said...

kquest I already asked this and so did Morgan but I'll ask it again. If the family needs two jobs why does she have to work both of them? I bet she doesn't really want to. What mother would rather be working some crap second job than spend time with her sick child? What kind of man would make her?

Morgan said...

Yes, and today's spin on it is that work is an "artifical construct." Not for his wife of course, whose forced into the workforce, but for him.
He's become the Ultimate Liberal.

thimscool said...


The term liberal has been dragged so far from it's actual meaning by the Rush Limbaugh set.

I suspect that you're using it here because you feel it would do the most damage to the target.

I suspect that you know what the word actually means.

This isn't the thread for a discussion of the relative merits and foibles of liberal or conservative thinking, but I will proudly lay claim to being a paleoliberal and I resent your implication that means I want to sponge off people, or enable others to sponge off people.

Please use more precise language.

Morgan said...

You miss the point. Bane regularly throws out the word "liberal" to disparage people. Like most people, he equates liberals as slothful, cowardly layabouts. I do not agree with his interpretation of liberal, but am simply pointing out that he fits his own definition of the word. ;-)

thimscool said...

I know some pretty slothful lazy "conservatives" that take 50+ days vacation a year and have run up more debt than every prior president/congress combined.

I guess there is no hope in reviving the true meaning of the word liberal, and that's why so many liberals identify themselves as "progressive" these days.

I just hate to see you missuse the word, whatever your reasoning.

Morgan said...

Anyone who knows me through this blog should be savvy enough to realize I was skewering Bane with his own sword.
Personally, I don't care for labels at all, whether it be "liberal" or "conservative." They've been used to marginalize the masses, to put us all in separate camps. When someone these days asks me about my political views, I often feel like I'm being asked for my "papers."
And if you ask me, the extreme liberals and conservatives have done more to hurt their own images than their detractors.

thimscool said...

OK. I'll drop it after this...

Lables are useful for organizing people, for good or ill. I also resist the urge to pigeohole myself, which is why I used the lame qualifier of "paleoliberal", and I don't take that too seriously either.

But I would note that the political strength of the conservative movement is not unrelated to the relatively untarnished reputation of that word, and the tar and feathers covering the words that their opponents used to self-identify and organize. Orwell spoke eloquently to the power of words in politics.

So, between us, there may be nuance and even contradictions. But I cringe when I hear someone for whom I have so much respect making mincemeat of the identity that made America the world's beacon.

Have the last word... feel free to call me a sissy liberal!

Morgan said...

"Have the last word... feel free to call me a sissy liberal!" kill me, Luke. OK. You're a sissy liberal and I'm a flaming moderate.

I don't mind the labeling perse, just what's been done with it. Both sides of the political spectrum have worked hard to define the other's label. I don't think traditional caring liberals *or* traditional, caring and both have ideas that have made the country great. Conservatives urge us to remember and honor past traditions; liberals urge us to also look ahead.

It's the extremists who have tarnished the word liberal *and* conservative. Even though I'm more liberal than conservative, I'd argue that liberals have handed the conservatives the very bucket of slime now used to smear them. If you don't want to be cast as an elitist snob who thinks traditional values are for stupid people, don't act that way.

The world's beacon has been dimmed by extremists that seem to have co-opted liberalism. Thoughtful liberals are shouted down, drowned out and accused of being conservative sympathizers. (Lieberman is a good case in point, I think.)

Today, if you don't toe the party line - left or right - you'll pretty much be left homeless.

MikeT said...

I can't seem to find the verse at the moment, but there is one in the New Testament that basically says that a man who won't support his family is considered to have no faith. Bane might want to reflect on that point if he really is just sitting on his ass "too good to support his family."

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure this guy is no Christian...saying you are a carrot does not make it so.

Anonymous said...

"Bane regularly throws out the word "liberal" to disparage people."

He's married...looks a porn...and drops the F-bomb like its going out of style...yeah real Conservative family guy!

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that several "stay at home dads" who homeschool are able to post up to five times a day on their blogs. You think the house is clean and dinner is cooked when Mom gets home from work?

Anonymous said...

"Women Are So Fucking Stupid...
I mean it, is having that big ole vagina as what lets all the air out of your heads?

Jeezely Crow and Crikey, I just had the dumbest conversation since Arnold piped up about Cubans and Puerto Ricans. On tape. On Purpose.

Honey, just thaw the corn dogs in the fucking microwave, while the oven preheats on broil, then toss them in and bake them crispy.

Fuck. If you are an astronaut, and you look around and see an affirmative action hire, and no one has had the foresight to disable her control panel so she just thinks she's really pushing real buttons, well, don't come crying to me when some dog in Texas is licking your brains out of the smoking helmet that just landed in its back yard.


This is from if this doesn't just scream "I'm a Christian man"...

Morgan said...

"I'm pretty sure this guy is no Christian...saying you are a carrot does not make it so."

It's not my call to make, but by all appearances, being the household's Christian leader seems to be another thing Bane has outsourced to his already overworked wife.
I don't think he's going to be able to do a good job homeschooling his kids if he's going to spend his time surfing for porn, blogging, begging for shit and playing computer games - which is pretty much his whole life.
He needs to spend at least three hours a day working with Nat and Johnny. And if he really gives a shit about homeschooling he'll have them involved in a group.
Again, he's probably going to make his wife do all this, too.
He mentioned last week she called him crying on the way to church. He decided she needed chocolate. Hell. That woman doesn't need chocolate, she needs a *husband*. Bane is like a 51-year-old special needs kid, and his wife doesn't need another.

Morgan said...

Another thing about that post. Bane didn't mention with whom he had the conversation. I'm thinking it must have been with the wife, which is really sad that he'd talk about her that way.

Two Clicks Right said...

I've been away for a few days, yet I am not surprised to see that this little thread is still going on. I have a rather pertinent question regarding Bane that he would never answer to me on his blog.

Does anyone know exactly what his "disability" is?

He often cries that he is a disabled vet, and then in the same breath complains about having to get out and mow the grass.

Somewhere on one of his legendary posts I think I read that he was pushed out of the back of a truck (by some fellow soldiers) and hurt his back, hence his status as a disabled veteran.

Sorry folks, but that is not I nor most people think of as a disabled veteran.

Disabled is my neighbor who had both legs and his left arm blown off in Viet Nam and has been in a wheel chair since 1968.

And guess what, he owns his own machine shop specializing in titanium pressings.

Then again, he's not a real bad ass flag waver like Bane. So much for real heroes I guess.

Morgan said...

two clicks right,

I think Bane counts on getting sympathy and freebies from the disabled veteran tag as he does from the father-of-a-horribly-deformed-kid label.

I hadn't heard about his getting hurt by being pushed out of a truck, but I'm not surprised that he was a slip-and-fall soldier.

People don't lose character overnight; it sounds like he never had it in the first place. That's probably why they pushed him out. I can't imagine a truly dedicated soldier would tolerate his company.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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