Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Small Wonders

I was so impressed with the big cats I saw at the zoological park on Sunday. I remember standing there, mentally juxtaposing my diminutive housecat's slight musculature against the powerful feline structure of the mountain lion.

It's was nice to be reminded that nature is capable of wonders on such a grand scale. But it was equally nice to stroll through my garden this morning and see the wonders in miniature. It's easy to pass beauty by, unless we learn to stop and look. Here are two tiny creatures I captured for you, digitally speaking. Enjoy.


thimscool said...

Snail wranglers. Yah!

Morgan said...

Yes. The snail tried to make a run for it but I gave chase and caught him as was zooming across that stem. Quite the action shot, wouldn't you agree? ;-)