Friday, September 29, 2006

A good day for a cat nap

Isn't this sweet?

I've had one of those perfect days, the kind made up of a string of sweet, easy little moments. I finally got paid, which is nice, so now I can pay my bills and won't miss my fabric sale this weekend. I talked to a long-lost work associate, answered a string of neglected emails and took a nice stroll in the yard, making note of the deepening change of seasons.

This afternoon Lucas fell asleep with Piper. I walked in to find them holding "hands." While they dozed, Alex and I went out, roused the ponies from their lazy routine and subjected them to a walk and some grooming. Now that the weather is cooler, it's time for them to start working again. Alex has nearly outgrown her Shetland, Lyric, but doesn't want to admit it. I told her she's welcome to share my Haflinger, Guinevere, but she's now angling for something in between, perhaps a shorter Haflinger. We shall have to see.

In her English lesson today, Alex worked in her Wordsmith Apprentice book on a lesson that required her to write Help Wanted ads. One was for the President of the United States. Here's what she wrote:

HELP WANTED (PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES): Must be interested in world peace, must be good at decision making and must be smart. Salary is thirty dollars a day.

Well, she's a bit off on the pay scale, but the rest of the ad sure makes me wish we could find someone to fill the job to her specifications.


sammyray said...

Awww...that picture is gorgeous. Send it in to a competition NOW!!!!!

Morgan said...

Bless your heart, sammyray. I'm not sure it would win anything, being a tad out of focus. I shot it on the wrong shutter speed. But the subjects are near and dear to my heart.

Roland said...

The President ad is good, but I wouldn't want the job.
I know of very few people who would do as well as any that we've had.
Can you imagine the constant negativity and still trying to do the job without saying, "Screw 'em all. Launch the nukes!"
I would hate to be in that spot.
I may not agree with all he does, but it is more than adequate in my book.

Nice pic, btw.

Morgan said...

I wouldn't want the job either, Roland. It's one of those damned-if-you-do-and-damned-if-you-don't positions. Can you imagine spending four to eight years trying to run a country with one hand while trying to fight off all the politicos gunning for you at the same time? I've never understood why anyone would even run in the first place.

thimscool said...

Bush and Cheney had to dump their stock in various companies in order to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest upon taking office.

But do you think they put their money into savings accounts? And what of their families? Bush's dad owns a significant chunk of the Carlyle Group, which invests in Halliburton, Bechtel, McDonald Douglas, Boeing, and all the big defense manufacturers. Who will inherit that money made by war profiteering?

Or do you actually believe that the $300B has gone straight to the Iraqi people?

Remember the $500B S&L scandal that involved some other Bush family members during Poppy's presidency? Where did that bail-out money come from? Where did it go to?

Think a little harder about what might motivate these people, Morgan, and don't feel too sorry for Bush for being hit by a few political tomatoes.

Yeah, yeah. You’ve heard it all before… just a bunch of conspiracy theories… I just made up that stuff about the S&L scandal. Nobody could have intended for that to happen. It was all just an honest mistake.

WAKE UP! It’s your kid’s money.

Morgan said...

Thimscool, Dude...Did you read anything here that led you to the fevered misconception that I'm defending Cheney/Bush?
I was simply addressing the nature of the position. Bush/Clinton/Regan/Ford/Carter.....all these men faced challenges, the Political Spin Machine among them.
If you think what I wrote was a defense of Bush, then you haven't been paying very close attention to my blog.
Talk about the need to WAKE UP..
But I still want to go to the zoo with you, the wife and Atticus. So email me and let me know if you're still up for it. ;-)

thimscool said...

Well, the "WAKE UP!" was aimed more at Roland's "aw shucks" treatment of these looters.

However, you did say, and I quote: "Can you imagine spending four to eight years trying to run a country with one hand while trying to fight off all the politicos gunning for you at the same time? I've never understood why anyone would even run in the first place."

And so I have provided the obvious answer. If you can manage to ensure that the public will pick up the bill for insane levels of spending on your family's pet industries, or to bail out bad loans made to your son's buddies (who took the money and ran), then maybe there is a good reason to endure all the hardship of riding around on AF1 and answering all those tough questions that are asked by our liberal media.



Zoo still sounds good. We went to see Thomas this weekend, and Atticus had a blast. My partner doesn't return from vacation until mid-month, so I'm gonna have another half month of deep hurting. In September I broke all records with regards to billables...

thimscool said...

By the way, Lucas and Piper are quite the pair. You're very blessed.

thimscool said...

Oh, I can't resist. Here is Atticus with Sir Topemhat...

Morgan said...

Ohmigod, Luke. That is the cutest thing ever.
Topemhat was the only part of the Thomas Experience that Lucas did not like. He was terrified and clung to me like a baby possum. Atticus seemed to be much braver, and happier.
Love the hat, by the way. Every little boy needs an engineer hat.

Roland said...

Poor Luke.
I never said Bush was awesome.
I said he was adequate.
The "aw shucks" you saw was possibly because you dislike him so much?
I dunno.
I never thought Clinton was great, but he was adequate to the task of president.
Name one thing that Bush has done well.
If you can't, then you need to find it. No one is THAT bad. Not even you or me.

thimscool said...

Poor Luke, and poor Roland too. But more so, our poor children will pay for the mess that has been created in our fiscal house.

If I thought about it I’m sure I could name several things that Bush did/does well. Off the top of my head, I would say that he is at least a consistent and steadfast Commander and Chief (some would say stubborn). It is important for the leader of the armed forces to be able to weather the storms of public opinion. In spite of the vultures like Cindy Sheehan, he has remained above the pettiness, and seems to have a genuine respect and care for the military and their families. He does not try to exploit our dead soldiers…

But he happily exploits the dead of 9/11 every chance he gets. And his fiscal policies (borrow and spend) are an absolute nightmare for our country. The Dept. of Homeland Security has made Wyoming much safer, but it ignores gaping holes in our port and border security. Our foreign policy is in a complete shambles. The rich are getting much richer, and the middle class is getting quantifiably poorer. And where is the trickledown to all those poor people? “Nice to see you, welcome to Walmart.” And finally, yes, his family and friends are profiting big time off of the spendfest going on inside the beltway.

Poor Luke indeed. Poor America. We get what half of us deserve.

Morgan said...
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