Wednesday, September 27, 2006

All sewn up

I finally finished the wall hanging I'm planning to sell to benefit Steve Irwin's Wildlife Warriors. Sorry for the poor quality of the picture. Hopefully I'll have more time tomorrow to take some better ones that show the detail, including the crocodile's hand-stitched teeth. I actually have to take some better ones, not just of this wallhanging but several other handmade items so I can post them all on my Website. I won't be selling anything until I update the site, which is due for a complete revamp. I guess that's what I'll be doing this evening.

Since Larry turned one wall of our bedroom into a sewing studio for me, working on projects has been so much more enjoyable. Before I had to set everything up on the kitchen table and pack everything away at mealtimes. Now I can just leave projects in progress on the machine and come back to them as I need to.

I've worked on this project off and on since yesterday afternoon. The wallhanging depicts a crocodile looking out at a horizon, in which is written the word "Conserve." As with everything else I make, I didn't rely on a pattern. I started with an idea and sketched everything out on paper, decided how big I wanted it to be and patched it all together piece by piece. I use a formula for making dresses and skirts, again all without patterns. If you look behind the picture at top, you'll see a turtle sketch. That's my next applique design. I think it's going to be on a skirt or something. I haven't decided.

But whatever I decide, my new sewing studio will make the project flow more smoothly. The work area holds both of my machines - one regular sewing machine, one sewing machine with over 100 embroidery stitches, and one serger - as well as fabric, notions, etc. There's even a place on the end for my art supplies - paints, watercolor pencils, sketchbooks, canvases, etc. And a stereo, which is probably the most important part of any creative person's workspace. Today I listened to a lot of Jack Johnson. Yesterday it was a hodgepodge assortment of stuff my oldest daughter burned for me over the weekend.

There's a major sale at the local fabric store this weekend. I was supposed to get paid for a writing job earlier this week but so far I haven't. I'm hoping the money will come through by Friday; it would suck to miss the sale. But I'm not going to worry. This particular employer is very reliable, and I can't imagine I'll have to wait much longer. It's just always so much nicer to have the money sitting in one's account rather than on the way. Especially when there's a sale on autumn batiks. *sigh*


sammyray said...

Wow...excellent job.

My mom loves to sew. I never really understood how quilting could be an art until I watched what she did to make one.

Morgan said...

Some of the quilts are amazing. I went to a quilt show once and there were these landscape quilts that looked like paintings. Google "landscape quilts." You'll be flabbergasted at how complex they are. Most of my stuff is more simple than that.

Andy Looney said...

I'm sure Doctorboogaloo will be pleased that you honoured his dear son Boethius on your wall hanging.

Morgan said...

Andy, the only reason I got close enough for Boethius to pose for my wall hanging was because he assured me that he was still in his 30-day official fasting and mourning period for Steve Irwin. I was quite safe, you see. :-)

That Cleaning Lady said...

I'm interested to see your web site of designs when you get it updated.. please keep "us" posted!
Sewing is a wonderful way to be artistic and be able to vent some agression... my favorite part is using the seam ripper!!
I worked in sewing clothing for a number of years... now I clean and long for a sewing studio of my own... someday perhaps!!

Morgan said...

Aahh, the seam ripper. It can be very therapeutic to rip out those stitches, unless you're having to do it because you screwed up a seam!

mitzibel said...

Oh, I am in a fit of covetousness over your studio. I just got my first "real" sewing machine about two months ago and I'm already scheming towards a serger. I, too, will be excited to see your design site. I started my first project with a Simplicity pattern and it's still not done, but about fifteen garments that I made up are, and they rock ;)