Sunday, August 27, 2006

Kodak moments

The new digital I got Alex for her ninth birthday is just awesome. It's a Kodak Easy Share, the $150 one, and the on-screen prompts make it a great starter camera for the budding photographer. I had orgininally gotten her one for around $100, but we were so disappointed with the picture quality that I worried the frustration would ruin her love of photography. If you want a digital, don't bother getting one for less than $120. The Kodak was a good upgrade.

I'm scoping out the professional-grade digitals at the moment, as I'm planning an upgrade of my own. My current Sony cost $450, and I've been pleased with it, but am ready to move up. Today I could spend twice what I paid for my Sony and get three times the features, which is pretty amazing. Larry's long been into photography, and is pretty excited about my plans to get the new camera.

So Alex has come by her photography bug rightly and has taken some really good quality pictures with her new camera, which I keep borrowing it for the video function. It shoots eight-minute videos that are just amazing, and today I put some on disc to send to the in-laws.

I also took a few photos on the sepia setting. I love this one and can't get over how much Alex and Lucas favor. And how adeptly they inherited my underbite. Poor dears.

The camera got a really good workout when Alex decided to take a picture of me and Wesley, who is completely incapable of keeping a straight face during a picture.

I know he's just being silly. Or at least I hope so. Maybe he had Tourettes. After about twenty shots, this was one of the best ones.

Really, I'm kidding about the Tourettes. Wesley is capable of being serious, and today Lovely Courtney entertained the kids while Wesley and I went outside, sat under a tree and had a heart-to-heart about his future, and about stuff that's going on in his life.

He's such a bright kid, and more thoughtful than I give him credit for being. He's a guy, and just because a guy doesn't tell you something doesn't mean he's not thinking about it. Sometimes I forget that; sometimes I think that just because Wes doesn't share things with me it means they're not on his mind. But what it really means is that I didn't ask. I'm used to his older sister, Jessica, opening the door to her mind on her own. Wes requires that I knock first. But when I do, he answers. And I'm grateful to have that kind of son.


Roland said...

Family is good. Glad you are still enjoying yours.
I enjoy the pictures of your cat.
If you want more feline fun, try this post at Pablo's.

Morgan said...

Hi Roland! It's good to hear from you. I've gotten so much writing work this summer that I've had little time to blog.
That Youtube shot on Pablo's blog is awesome. The first shot of the boxing cat reminds me of my cats. They get into play fights every morning and leave tumbleweeds of fur all over the place.

Beth said...

I sure hope my husband gets ME a digital camera for my birthday ;) hehehe

Morgan said...

You're going to need it with that baby coming!
I'm leaning towards a Canon Rebel at this point. I read the reviews and they're awesome. I'm in the middle of a big writing job right now that should make it do-able. If I get the camera, I'll be sure to write an in-depth review. And post pics!

That Cleaning Lady said...

Thanks for the input about the camera's, we've been shopping for a while now. Not professionals by any means, but not slouches either when it comes to being able to take a good shot or two.
What a handsome bunch of kids you have!! I really like the sepia shot of the girls, one worthy of a frame and a big wall!!

Morgan said...

That Cleaning Lady,
You might want to look into the Canon Rebel. I'm leaning that way myself and am going to look at some this week and compare them to the Sony and Nikon models we looked at Sunday.
Alex's camera is pretty cool, for a starter one. I took the photos you liked with it. The sepia setting is really nice.
The two "girls" in the sepia picture? One is a boy, four-year-old Lucas. But a lot of people make that mistake. It's the amazing eyes. He has killer lashes.
I have five kids. There are three in my post. I need to get some good shots of the others soon.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous kids!

Morgan said...

Thanks, anon. I'm quite partial to them although the 19-year-old is much more handsome when he's not making goofy faces at the camera. He read too much Calivn & Hobbes as a child. ;-)