Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cat Vs. Geese

So this morning the geese showed up bright and early outside the playroom window, looking for some attention.

They got it from Piper the Cat, who proceeded to frantically "attack" them through the glass. They pecked back at her, and for a few moments there was a cacophany of spitting, honking, pecking and clawing. But there were no clear winners. Maybe tomorrow.

You know, if you have pets, you really don't need television.

UPDATE for The Cleaning Lady:

This is Jingles, the personification, er, catification of Evil. In this picture, she's menacing Frodo, our meterosexual miniature dachshund.

Just moments before, they had been sleeping peacefully and then I guess Frodo breathed in a way Jingles didn't like or something and she set to bitch-slapping him around. Note the dog's paw on the cat's chest in a vain attempt to hold her off before she administered the Ultimate Feline Smackdown. Can a dog also be a pussy? I guess so.

I really love that cat.


That Cleaning Lady said...

That pic of the kitty attacking the geese is just too funny. We have 4 cats, and you're right, when you have pets, you don't really need TV.
Today I bathed Benjamin (my little black manx), he got into something greasy and nasty. Thankfully he didn't slice and shred me for my trouble. He didn't like it at all, but he never tried to hurt me. He hasn't been home since he submitted to the towel drying and then licked himself dry and slunk outside. I'll be you he went out to roll in the nasty stuff again just to show who'se boss.
I had a kitty that's name was Lucky Little Bastard!! We settled for Oliver later on...
I'm waiting to see what granddaughter Fay's first swear words will be, her mother and father are pretty graphic at times and she's always in the room. My daughter was 5 the first time she said Sh*t, I told her if she can't spell the word, she can't use it... so she spelled it. Smart, very smart.

Morgan said...

You are a brave woman. I wouldn't attempt to bathe Piper or Jingles without paramedics standing by. Even though Jingles is older, she's a savage beast thing when she wants to be. I'm in an Internet cafe right now working on my laptop, but I'll see if I can't scare up a photo of her being wicked from my flash drive and post it here for you.
That's funny about your girl spelling the swear word. I took to saying "effing" when Larry told me I needed to watch my mouth (I have little patience with computer crashes and such) and before I knew it, Lucas was talking abou this "effing" trains.

Morgan said...

Whoa. This WiFi connection is F-A-S-T! I think I may just start updating my blog from my laptop instead of doing it at home. I have dial up there and it is S-L-O-W.
But there you go,Cleaning Lady, a picture of the Evil Dr. Jingles.

prettylady said...

Welcome back, dear Morg!

I just got cable Internet, instead of dial-up, and I have been having such fun, clicking on links to random videos and Mp3s and such, that used to be hopelessly beyond my grasp.

Morgan said...

Hi Pretty Lady!
I'm back for a few days, but then another stretch of work will take me away. I'm trying to get as much of my current project out of the way before the new homeschool year begins.
Congrats on your Cable Internet! We've got dial-up and are thinking of going that route ourselves.
I bought a new laptop a couple of weeks ago and really love the WiFi connection.
All this technology. Amazing. And just think. In another year or so it'll be obsolete and we'll all be upgrading again. :-)

Gattina said...

This would be something for my cats ! I think they would sit at the window the whole day. At the very beginning when we moved in, and there were no houses built around I had a COW looking through the window. I almost had a heart attack.