Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Only Known Victim of HWS

So I check my blog for the first time in days and days and find this post from thimscool:

"I'm jonezin for some hippie wisdom!"

I'm flattered, having induced the first-ever case of Hippie Withdrawal Syndrome. And for any of you who try to twist that into something tawdry, shame on you.

It's true that I've been taking a break, but for a very good cause: Home Improvement. Five kids and an endless parade of pets has taken a toll on the interior of our humble abode, which has been long overdue for a facelift whose time has finally come.

The work in progress is ongoing and should be completed by this weekend, at which time I'll post pictures and a couple of funny stories, provided I can find amusement in having the house turned upside down for a week.

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by. And Luke, bless your little heart. You made my day.


justin black said...

Turn "Hippie Withdrawal Syndrome" into something tawdry? Perish the thought! I was thinking more about cops who can't crack heads at demonstrations anymore . . .

Good to see you haven't dropped off the face of the Earth. I, too, was feeling a distinct Lack of Hippie, and it was depressing me.

JohnR said...

I was jonesing too but I didn't want to admit it.

I figured you on vacation.

Or having some seriously dirty sex :)


thimscool said...


Should we start a support group?

Roland said...

What the hey! I leave a comment about having to keep writing erotica, and Luke starts spoutin' all the hip speak. Yo!

Is that what it takes to admit to HWS? Funky language skills?
I am miffed.
But, I still have HWS. ;)

Yo! Where is the b!^@& at!
She should be postin'
Instead she roastin'
With her chillin's, cat!

There. And much more poetic too! :p

thimscool said...

That calls for an intervention.

JohnR said...

Morgan strikes me as more of an Earth person, not a hippie.

Hippies are lazy and don't want to work.

Morgan is a hard-working, hard playing woman, not no lazy hippie.


Morgan said...

"I figured you on vacation.
Or having some seriously dirty sex :)"

Alas, it's neither. We're so exhausted from our home improvement project that this week the only thing that's gotten laid is the floor. So to all of you who are jonesing, I feel your pain.

We are planning a special Sexday this weekend, to celebrate the completion of said projects. And because after sinking so much money into the house it's all the entertainment we'll be able to afford.

"Morgan is a hard-working, hard playing woman, not no lazy hippie."

I'm an unconventional hippie. I walk between the worlds. In limbo. ;-)

"Should we start a support group?"

*grin* No need. I'll be back before you know it and you'll all be sick of me within days. But it's nice to be missed.

Roland said...

"We are planning a special Sexday this weekend"

My wife always does that. What is wrong with right now!?
Yes dear. I'll go take out the trash.


JohnR said...

Roland: Just smile and say, "Dear, you look like you need an orgasm."

The damn trash can wait.


Shrubbery said...

Wasup Autie Morg? Just taking a study break. How's come no one's kept up the TT posts? My faithful readers beckon!

Anyway, how ya been? How's life on the left wing? Shoot me an email.

Roland said...

I'm jonezin for some hippie wisdom!

Hey, it worked for Luke... :)

thimscool said...

Life has lost all meaning.

Goodbye, cruel world!

[Swish, Aaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiieeee-THUD]

Morgan said...

Luke, if life has lost all meaning you have too much time on your hands. You're about what - three or four hours away from me? You need to get over here and help me put in this floor. Then you really will want to kill yourself. ';-)

Morgan said...

Sorry I didn't keep up the TT posts. I've just been slammed this summer with work.
And yes, I *promise* to answer that email when I come up for air.
How did the bar go?

thimscool said...

Y'all are pretty handy. I probably would have outsourced the floors, because you can often save on materials by hiring a pro (they get good deals). Total cost is greater, but there is far less hassle.

Are you getting any help from your older kids? Hit em with the guilt trip!

Morgan said...

The older kids are so busy with work right now that I didn't hit them up for help. Both have fulltime jobs.
I think if we'd known how much of a pain the flooring was going to be, we'd have outsourced it. But ultimately it's been a big learning process for us that could be valuable down the road.

Morgan said...

Ah, I spoke too soon. Wesley is coming to spend Saturday night and Sunday helping us with the house. Bless that lad.

thimscool said...

I can't wait until Atticus is old enough for chores...

But thinking about him being old enough to have his own life ispretty amazing. I hope he comes homw to help me on the weekends. You're a lucky family, Morgan. :)

Beth said...

hey morgan :)
i'm pregnant :)

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