Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Behold, progress

For the last few days, my computer desk has been sitting in the hallway. And I haven't missed it a bit because I was far too busy. It's nice now to have it back, where it sits on a brand new floor.

Our home improvement project is going along very well. The living room (at left), kitchen, kids' rooms and playroom (lower right) all have new floors. Today I organized my living room bookshelf by color, per Pretty Lady's advice. Thanks, Pretty Lady!

I've not yet painted the playroom; that I'll probably put off until early next week after I get back from the mountains.

When my father offered to take me and the three younger kids up to his cabin for a few days, at firstI told myself I didn't have time. Then I decided that it might be good for us all.

It will be nice to get out of the house, and besides, Larry needs a break. He has been infinitely patient with home renovations that have come complete with frantic wife and grumbly, stir-crazy children. He'll enjoy the peace and quiet more than he admits, I think. Besides, given that he has lots of projects of his own that need attention, it will do him good not to have me around saying, "Oh, could you please do just one more thing...?" One of the secrets of a good marriage is knowing when to take - or give - your significant other a well-deserved break.

It'll be good for the kids, who've put up with sleeping on sleeping bags and being confined to one or two rooms for the last three weeks. Dad has quite a few things planned for their entertainment.

Stepping away will be good for me, too. I don't get many chances these days to spend time with my father, and by the time I come back I'll be ready to tackle renovations set for the master bedroom, which is going to be a real bear of a project.

Because our house isn't very large, we have to be creative with our space. So one wall of the master bedroom is slated to become my sewing center.L Larry and Dad recently found some Formica countertops - new and still in boxes - that had been tossed out. They'll be for the workspace and underneath will be cabinets to hold the sewing stuff currently boxed and sitting precariously stacked against the wall.

The framing needs to be completed around the bay window and Larry thinks he may put in a window seat. Then there will be the painting and whatever we decide to do with the floor.

Lots to think about...but not now. For now I'm going to just enjoy what we've done so far. We're quite happy and thought you might like the pictures.


Lord Omar said...

Mmmm...hard wood floors...
Very nice Morgan.

Morgan said...

Thanks! And because I got rid of about a quarter of the clutter we can actually *see* them!

Andy Looney said...

As you can see by Omar's picture, she too has undergone some renovations but of a more personal nature.

Glad we didn't drop in while the work was in progress (both Omar's and yours). We dropped in on my wife's Uncle Lloyd (they calls him Lyde) in Charlottetown while they were putting in his hardwood floor and all he could do was sit there moaning: "I was gonna take yuhs out fer Choineese Foood but I gots tuh stay here all day wif dese fellers".

The picture of your kids'playroom reminds me of the Christmas many years ago when my daughter wanted a 'yellow chichen'.

Have a nice trip to the mountains but don't go on Wolverton Mountain.

Lord Omar said...

Andy, back in the day I would not have hesitated to have your head removed at The Place de la Concorde for such statements, but I like you. However, my patience for Upper Canadians is not limitless ;-)

Morgan said...

Andy, if we go to Wolverton Mountain, my dad will shoot the first man who comes near me. Not because he's guarding what shreds of virtue I have left, but because if I'm taken by some strapping local he'll face a seven hour return trip with the kids. If that's not incentive to protect one's daughter, I don't know what is.

It's been years since I thought about that song. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane...*way* down Memory Lane.

If someone had come in and offered to take us out for Chinese food during our home remodeling, I would have run away. It's one of those things that - once you start - you wish you hadn't until it's all over.

Andy Looney said...

Morgan and Omar,

It has been fun playing with with you two gals but an old coot needs his rest.

I'm surprised Omar has never picked up on my date of birth, Oct.18,1919.

Morgan said...

That's fine, Andy. You go get some rest. Omar and I will be right here if you need us, doing each other's nails. ;-)
Omar, any chance you'll revive your gruff, turbaned avatar. I'm trying and trying but can't get used to your foppish emperor look.
I grieve. I grieve.

Lord Omar said...

Maybe, you never know.
The reason I changed it is that the "historic painting" look seemed to compliment the new template better. That and I am a huge Napoleon fan. It's funny, even when I was a kid, my mum used to say she thought Keith Richards was extremely good looking. I wonder what she thinks of old Keith now? That avatar pic is from around the mid-70's.

Morgan said...

*THAT* was Keith Richards???
What happened? Did he get hit by a truck?

Black Jesus said...

Yes, yes he did.

Morgan said...

And then what? It backed over him?
That's just sad.

Lord Omar said...

You didn't know that pic was Keith? I had remembered that pic of him in the Bedouin garb and specifically went searching for it. It was hard to find. I finally found it on a cool blog called "Midnight Poutine" out of Montreal. I liked the site so I linked them.

Morgan said...

I truly did not know. I'd wanted to ask you but you kept forgetting and then changed your avatar, you Napoleophile.
My grasp of pop culture, it seems, is wanting. I didn't know the sheik was Keith and I didn't know the fop was Napolean.

Lord Omar said...

Hey sailor ;-)

prettylady said...

Oh, it's all beautiful! And thank you for posting the picture of the bookshelf. Warms the cockle of my heart. Although it's still blasphemous.

Roland said...

Nice remodel going.
And why is everyone so averse to seeing the softer side of Omar?
He is so, so, ... femmy looking that it makes you wonder. :)

I had no idea that the old avatar was of Keith Richards.
What does he look like now after the tree falling incident? :)

Elaine said...

It looks great!

Woozie said...

It always looked to me like Keith Richards was holding a gun.

That Cleaning Lady said...

Well - since you're organic, I'm probably preaching to the choir, but thought I'd drop in a bit of info for your new hardwoods. Do yourself 2 LARGE favors: #1) DO NOT USE Wet Swiffers - all they do is streak - plus they have nasty chemicals. #2) Avoid the installers recommendation to use windex and water on the hardwood - it also streaks and just doesn't love that wood. Now, do what That Cleaning Lady does: use Murphy's Oil Soap- there is a squirt and mop variety - I personally like the pour in the bucket with hot water variety - it shines, the wood loves it, and it's NATURAL!!!
Good old string mop (From OMG WalMart!!)

thimscool said...

A pro could not have done it better. I know it was a lot of effort, but I'm sure you see it all paid back now.

Have a margarita!

Anonymous said...

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