Monday, June 05, 2006

Still think your day sucked?

Not compared to these poor people.

If you've been anywhere near a television or a newspaper in the last few weeks you may have heard about the powerful earthquake that hit Indonesia.

But apparently, in Indonesia, when it rains it pours. Aid has been slow getting to the region, people are forced to take shelter in filthy chicken coops, increasing the risk of bird flu. And guess what? There's a nearby volcano threatening to erupt.

So no matter how lousy your day was, just be glad that you're not huddled in a chicken coop with your starving kids, praying that the volcano doesn't blow.

If you feel like helping, you can do so here or here. There are lots of other charities helping out. I sent my donation to Doctors Without Borders, because I know one of the doctors and it's an awesome organization.

And if you're even thinking about writing to tell me that you don't care about the victims because they're Muslims, take it somewhere else, will you? This isn't that kind of blog.


nicolaepadigone said...

well said. i remember in December 2004, after the tsunami hit, someone said that they deserved it. boy i was ready to knock that fool down!

thanks for sharing where we can help. i hope to see aid moving in quicker.

Morgan said...

It would be nice. I can't help but think of how I'd feel if my family were in that situation. A parents' love is a parent's love, I don't care what religion you are.
People who can't relate to that can't be all that human.
Thanks, Dan.

thimscool said...

My well traveled friend went to Indonesia in the summer, and upon returning he exclaimed that he had never seen anything like an Indonesian downpour... It's so thick you may as well be in the shower, everywhere.

I guess even a squalid chicken coop is better than trying to sleep in those conditions. Plus you get a meal before bedtime.

How sad our world is at times.

jcw said...

I helped my daughter with a report for school about earthquakes. Indonesia is part of a region called the Pacific ring of fire. 80% of the major earthquakes that occur each year happen in this ring. Gotta be a tough place to live.

Morgan said...

Thimscool, not to mention the feather beds. Poor saps. I spent part of my Saturday cleaning out one of our chicken coops. I can't imagine having to live in there. of course, hurricane season is here so who knows. I might be doing just if the big one hits.

Morgan said...

jcw, I can't say much, living in hurricane alley. I guess just about every place one lives has risks. We watched back to back specials on the Discovery Channel about both the underground volcano at Yellowstone and Mt. Ranier. Both eruptions would be devastating, although Yellowstone's eruption could be cataclysmic.
Can you imagine what life would be like if we had some sort of global disasters. Today, if someone's cell phone can't get a signal they panic. How would we manage if we were suddenly thrown back into primitive conditions. My thinking is that most people wouldn't.

thimscool said...

The ring of fire.

Morgan said...

That's cool, Luke. I'll have to show it to Alex.

thimscool said...

If the big one hits, and you'rall SOL, call the main biz line. We'll make something happen pronto. But you've gotta meet me half way if it's a tsunami!

But it might also hit here, like Fran did.


Roland said...

Doctors without Borders are an awesome group.

Anonymous said...

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