Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Birthday

Lucas turned four today.

His big day has been the object of much anticipation, and misinterpretation. Not yet grasping the concept of an anniversary, he’s been asking me if his birthday meant he was going to be “born again.” So I don’t know if he thought he was going to start his day as an infant or with some sort of religious conversion.

But whatever thoughts he had, they were pushed aside the moment we rolled the presents out. And like any smart lad, Lucas gravitated towards the toys that were powered by imagination.

That’s not to say he didn’t like the Shake n’ Go Raceway. It’s a neat toy. The cars are sturdy and are powered by being shaken. Once revved up, they zip around a wide track as an announcer “calls” the race. With three sons, I’ve purchased my share of race tracks. This one is the best I’ve seen for little kids.

But after about thirty minutes, Lucas was ready to take his other gift - die-cast farm equipment - out to play with his favorite toy: mud.

I’ve never been the type of mother who cringes when her kids get dirty. It’s good for them, and they’re washable. It also makes for wonderfully candid photographs. Four-year-old boys playing in mud are oblivious to nearly everything else.

Sitting atop his dirt mound - which Larry and I have yet to bring ourselves to spread out - Lucas sang a little song about living in a “mud universe.” It made me a bit wistful. The universe of a four-year-old boy is indeed small. As he ages it will broaden, and with it will come responsibilities. But for now, it’s time to play.

Happy Birthday, Lucas.


W2M said...

I hope you ALL enjoy the day. I am sure you know, time goes by all too quickly!
Happy Birthday Lucas!

prettylady said...

Hipy papy bdthdth thuthdtha, Lucas! From your Auntie Owl!

thimscool said...

Happy B-day to Lucas, from one sometimes known as Lucas Pookas.

He does look like he shines a lot of light, even through the mud.


Morgan said...

Thank, W2M. It certainly does. It doesn't seem so long ago that my oldest son was playing with toy sportscars. Now he works on his own.

Lucas appreciates the birthday wishes.

When I pointed to Pretty Lady's avatar and said, "That's your Auntie Owl," he said, "That's not an owl. That's a lady!" Hehehe!

thimscool said...

And Morgan, happy birthday to you too, since you had more than a little to do with it!

You're a star, no doubt.

Morgan said...

"Happy B-day to Lucas, from one sometimes known as Lucas Pookas."

OMG!!! That's what we call Lucas!

And thanks for remembering I had something to do with his being here. Before I had kids my birthday was all me, me, me. After I had kids I also started thinking about what my mom had to go through to bring me into the world.

Of course, mom is dramatic and I was born back in the day when they knocked women out for labor and let them come to for the really painful part - delivery.

Mom's fond of telling us how, during one delivery, she was in so much pain she asked the doctor for a gun so she could shoot herself.

She still can't believe I willfully went the natural childbirth/midwife route. Bless her heart.

thimscool said...

I was my mom's b-day present. We were both born on April 7th.

I was fortunate, since my due date was April 1st. That's what happpens when you are conceived on July 4th.

My other nickname is Spooky Lukie.

mia said...

Happy, happy, birthday to Lucas - you share a birthday with Sweden!!

Taylor said...

Well, Happy 4th Birthday to little Lucas. Tell him Taylor blew him a big kiss that should be arriving very soon. He must be sure catch it.

And mud? Why, it's absolutely wonderful. After a good rain, we'd play like little piggies in the alley which wasn't paved.

Morgan said...

Thanks, Mia. Next year we'll throw a party for Lucas *and* Sweden. :-)

Taylor, I'll tell Lucas to be on the lookout for that kiss. He's a total flirt so he'll be happy to know more lovely ladies are sending him love.

It rained again this afternoon, which is bound to replenish Lucas mud supply for tomorrow. He'll be in raptures. He and Alex have already made enough mud pies to get us through the winter. ;-)

Taylor said...

He's a total flirt

It's so cute how very young boys will flirt. There's a few in the neighborhood that will come by every so often to give me a mangled flower, show me their new puppy or bicycle. They'll come over if I'm working in the front garden eager to help me. These boys are only around 8 years old but they are already interested in girls... so cute

Roland said...

Happy Birthday Lucas!

Just to quote a greeting card I once read:

Birthdays are like boogers,
the more you have
the harder it is to breathe.

Morgan said...

"Birthdays are like boogers,
the more you have
the harder it is to breathe."

ROFL...my 41st is coming up soon. I need to blow my nose.