Thursday, June 01, 2006

Good News, Bad News

I'm unabashedly happy this morning, having landed not one but two lucrative, back-to-back writing jobs. One I was expecting. The other just kind of fell into my lap. When I found out how much I'd be making, I felt guilty. But that quickly passed and left me just feeling extremely fortunate.

It's the exact same grateful feeling I got the day I received my first paid assignment. And each day since that I've been hired or received a paycheck for writing, I feel it anew.

If there's any advice I'd give fledgling writers, it's this: Be honest with yourself. If you're well-read you know whether you're a good writer. If you're still not sure, ask people who can be objective to review your work. Do not ask sycophants or people who are afraid to tell you the truth. If and when you do get hired, don't get full of yourself. The higher a pedestal you put yourself on, the harder the fall. Be grateful and remember that the job didn't have to go to you. There are a lot of writers out there; the assignment could have just as easily gone to someone else.

But these came to me me, so I am - again - grateful.

Now,that's the good news. The bad news is that Roundtable Wednesday is going to have to take a break. Shrub's already had to bow out due to demands of studying for the Colorado bar. That just leaves BillyD, who's probably just as busy as we are.

Later this summer we'll revive it again. But for now, it's going to have to sit on the back burner. To those who've taken part, thanks so much. There will still be stuff here if you like to comment, just probably not as involved as what you're used to.


eaglewood said...

I am glad to hear that you will be doing something you enjoy AND being paid well for it, but I am sad that the lively debates will be on hiatus. I kind of figured they would be when I took a quick peek over at shrub's blog and saw he was going to seriously work on passing the bar.

Hopefuly some kind of debate will continue here. I like to debate because it keeps the mind sharp.

El Borak said...

Congratulations! It's always so much more fun when the good guys win.

Erik said...

So how do you get an assignment? Do they just say, write us a book? or do they say write us a book in this setting with these characters and this and this and that?

I am curious.

prettylady said...

Congratulations! How wonderful!

And I am sorry about the debates, too, but their absence is kicking me to get to work and quit wasting so much time online. Any excuse to procrastinate.

thimscool said...

Just when I was getting into the swing of it!

Ah well. Congrats Morgan. May the words flow freely.


To all the regulars:
I enjoy your company. Sorry if I'm a PITA sometimes. Stay strong and take care of your love.

Morgan said...

Thanks for the nice comments, guys. I'll still put up thought-provoking posts from time to time; I just won't have time to do the weekly roundtable thing, which requires some planning and thought rather than spur of the moment inspiration like most the stuff I throw up here.

Erik, the writing assignments come as you get your name and reputation out there. This assignment is actually ghost writing a screenplays for someone. I did one last year that went really, really well so I'm game to try more.

Basically I get a plot summary, character list and am told to develop a screenplay around it. Very challenging but very rewarding.

It's good experience because it's an area of writing that I'm still relatively new at doing. I'm SO excited and so honored that I was asked to do it. Woo hoo!

Roland said...


way2much said...

My good friend and I would give each other a TA-DA for a job well done or for good fortune that comes our way.
So from me to you - TA DA.
Nothing is more rewarding than doing what you love and getting paid for it. Put the guilt aside and enjoy!
Lots of luck.

Morgan said...

Roland, Way2Much,
Thanks for the encouragement and kind thoughts. The only minor irritation I'm experiencing now is the lack of scriptwriting software. The last time I did this, I just sent my text files in via email and the person I was working for converted them. She told me a couple of days ago that it would make my life much easier to go ahead and buy a copy of Final Draft, so I'm ordering it Monday. It apparently pre-formats everything and anticipates the next element.

I'm downloading the trial version now to get a head start on learning it. She said there's about a two-day learning curve.

Roland said...

I hope the new program is easy to learn for you.

I was also re-reading Eaglewood's comment about debating. It is good to keep our minds sharp. But, in my old age, I've found I like to dialogue more. I think that's what the discussions over here have been for. To talk with others and review your own opinions and beliefs.
Never a bad thing.

Janet said...

Sounds good, glad you got a job. I've been so busy this is the first I checked here so I know the feeling. :) I'll be reading....

Morgan said...

"But, in my old age, I've found I like to dialogue more."

I do, too, and that's why I've come to value this blog and treasure the people who come here. Even though we disagree, we have gotten very good about not talking past each other. I've seen comments rise into the hundreds on contentious posts, but it was just usually rephrasing of the same point over and over, with no one really considering what the other people were saying.

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