Friday, May 05, 2006

You oughta be in pictures

A compliment from a mother-in-law is a rare and wonderful thing, especially from my mother-in-law. She loves me, but even though I've been married to her son for years she still hasn't quite figured me out. She's a liberal, and was quite disappointed to learn I was moderate to conservative in some areas, and repeatedly reminds me of how highly she regards my liberal sister-in-law, the one who summers at Cape Cod.

But still she tests the waters ever so often, to see if I've made the conversion. Recently, she asked me if I'd support Hillary Clinton. I told her I thought as much of Hillary Clinton as I did Bush. Not knowing what to say, she gave me the Disapproving Look.

Larry gets the Disapproving Look, too, when he talks about his support for gun ownership. Or his guns. His mother probably blames me, even though he had the guns long before we met. In fact, I fell for him completely after watching him load his own bullets. I never knew people could load their own bullets. How sexy.

But I digress. As I said, my mother-in-law paid me a compliment. After I sent these photographs of the kids, she called and said, "Those pictures are exquisite. You have a good eye. You should consider doing this for money."

My own mother, an artist, told me the same thing last week, when I gave her a picture I'd taken of a bee. "Do you mind if I send this to a magazine?" she asked.

"Knock yourself out," I said.

"No, really," she replied. "Your pictures are really good. You should sell them."

I've had other similar suggestions since I posted other photos on my blog, from people I don't even know. Perhaps I should consider it. I do have a habit of turning my hobbies into income. I started writing as a hobby, now I'm a writer. I started sewing as a hobby several years ago, now I have a sideline sewing business. My interest in Pembroke Welsh Corgis turned into a small hobby kennel that is self-supporting.

But photography? I don't know. Photography is a Zen activity for me. I just kind of sit there with my camera and observe, capturing a perfect moment as I see it. Sometimes I'll look up and see my kids sitting there and the light will be just right and I'll grab my camera and get the shot.

But to go out and try to get candid moments of other people's kids, as my mother-in-law thinks I should? That would feel too much like work. Maybe I'll just make a few prints of my better insect and animal photos and see if they sell at the farmer's market. If they do, I'll phone my mother-in-law and tell her she might be on to something.


Roland said...

Nice pictures.

And I like the Zen thing. There is a difference between capturing a moment and creating a moment to capture.

If you like to create the moment do photography more 'full time'.
Otherwise, capture the moments God gives you and enjoy.

Amber said...

Love the B&W of your daughter with the kitty paw; beautiful. Sure, why not try the Farmer's Market, see what happens?

And I completely relate to the liberal/conservative thing. Dan's family is extremely liberal and so is mine. But we're all over the place; sometimes liberal, sometimes conservative, depends on the specific issue. Dan has guns and is very skilled; has taught many people how to shoot properly and safely. The fact that we have guns just horrifies his family and mine. *grins*

We get the "disapproving" or incredulous looks too. Which just makes us laugh. hehehe...

Morgan said...

"And I like the Zen thing. There is a difference between capturing a moment and creating a moment to capture."

Exactly!! And that's what I tried to explain to my mother-in-law. Getting the candid shots are so much fun, and you can't be guaranteed them. I took one that was published in our newspaper along with a story I wrote about a local weaver. One of her sheep was following her and she leaned down and hugged it. It was the perfect little shot. I got a nice overhead one of her at her loom, too. But it wasn't as much fun to *have* to shoot something and while I was pleased with the pics it's not the same fulfillment I get from just spontaneously shooting flowers or kids or animals or whatever.

Morgan said...

"Love the B&W of your daughter with the kitty paw; beautiful. Sure, why not try the Farmer's Market, see what happens?"

I think I will. It can't hurt. If there's interest, I'll just pick what spontaneous shots I like and sell them as prints. But I can't see myself pulling up to someone's house and shooting their kids for them. My mother-in-law is all over me to shoot my neices and nephews, which I so do not want to do because they're at that self-conscious pre-teen age and I doubt I can get candid shots of them.

"We get the "disapproving" or incredulous looks too. Which just makes us laugh. hehehe..."

I'm so past being disapproved of. You can't please everybody, so why not just laugh and enjoy it? :-)

tc said...

Your photographic work has a lot of potential. I would suggest framing some of them and taking them with you to the Farmer's Market. If someone buys them, you have a new source of income.

Since it IS a hobby, however, don't worry about WHAT to shoot. Think of the money as a pleasant side-effect of your art.


Beth said...

I do love your pictures. Your children are adorable.

thimscool said...

Does your mother in law read the blog?

You definitely have an eye, and if you wanted to make money as a photographer you could probably make that happen.

But it looks like you're living a pretty rich life as it is, judging by your blog. Why add more complication unless you need the ducats?

Morgan said...

My mother-in-law does *not* read this blog. Thank goodness.

I think I'm going to take tc's advice and just put some art at the farmer's market. I won't take pictures with an eye for selling them, but if they seem nice I might make some nice prints, slap a mat around them and see if I get any offers. It can't hurt.

But you're right, thimscool. I've got so much going on that to lauch yet another "career" would be a bit much. I make a living as it is cobbling things together, it suits my ADD. But it's a bit easy to get overwhelmed, too.

Taylor said...

Hey, Morgan. I think your photos reflect that you can appreciate nature and your ability to find beauty around you. That transcends into your photography, which is why they are appealing.

But, these digital cameras make it so much easier. Even, I, who have never been into photography, took some pics one day walking around my aunt's place and was surprised at how well they turned out - and I'd already had about 4 Scotches!

Morgan said...

It is amazing, Taylor, and the cameras take so much of the guesswork out of it. I remember how blown away I was after I used the macro setting on my camera to take pics of insects. Very cool.

Good to see you!

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