Monday, May 29, 2006

Peep Show

I am so psyched. I knew that a pair of cardinals was building a nest somewhere in my Lady Banks rose. I had no idea they'd build it right outside my bedroom window.

Mama Cardinal is huddled in there now, and the little peeps should be out in less than two weeks. I keep my viewing to a minimum. Too much human movement past the window makes Mama Cardinal nervous, but she doesn't seem bothered by Basil the Cockatiel or Peach the Lovebird, whose cages hang in the alcove above the window seat. They spend a great deal of time watching her, and are completely fascinated.

The nesting cardinal is now their preferred form of entertainment. Prior to her building outside the window, Basil and Peach preferred their daily viewing of Winged Migration, which I highly recommend for both winged and wingless creatures.

Barring high winds, marauding neighborhood cats or other dangers I'll hopefully have more pictures to bring you after the hatch. But nesting so low to the ground is a dicey endeavor, and so we shall just have to see, won't we? In the meantime, say a little prayer that all turns out well for this growing family. I already have.


Roland said...

My wife would LOVE that!

Morgan said...

She was so pretty, and is still hanging out nearby. I guess she'll start another nest nearby.
Does your wife watch birds a lot? On the creek we've been seeing these incredible little golden colored birds. I don't know what they are and haven't gotten a good shot of them but they are the prettiest things I've ever seen.

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