Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Indoor Spring

No matter how humble the abode - and if ever a house deserved the distinction it's ours - nothing transforms it like a hand-picked bouquet.

Everything is in bloom now, so today the children and I pulled some honeysuckle from the the fence, stuffed it into a tall metal pail and inserted Gerber daisies, passion flowers, columbine and petunias.

I cleared our antique pine farm table - weathered and pitted from generations of use - of my sewing machines and placed the bouquet in the middle. They flowers look even brighter indoors, and ironically even more alive even as they begin to die. We stood back, silent, and admired the view of steadfast pine topped with the temporary spring crown.

A fleeting moment in time. But perfect. Just perfect.


It turns out that some of us are more reverent than others. Tonight, while waiting for dinner, Lucas decided that the honeysuckles contained real honey, so he raided the bouquet and ate a few.

I found him intently picking through the honeysuckle blossoms - biting them in half and discarding the remains on the table.

Little boys. Gotta love 'em.


dlkjdfsa said...

"A fleeting moment in time."

If you can make the moment anything but "fleeting" get back to me because we need to have a sit-down. :) Beautiful flowers.

"It is eternity now. It is about me in the sunshine. Nothing has to come; it is now, now is the immortal life."

Michael Roach 1947-1990

Roland said...

Nice couple of post Morgan.

Haven't been able to check for a couple of days. Trying to get ready for our oldest daughter's 7th birthday.

Love the pictures.

Morgan said...

"If you can make the moment anything but "fleeting" get back to me because we need to have a sit-down. :)"

If only I could. All I can do for now is savor the moment and look forward to the next one.

I like the quote.

Good to see you back, SR. How was Joshua Tree?

Mia said...


Pretty bouquet! I understand your son's behavior, I used to eat honeysuckle blossoms as a child. That scent is so enticing - just the thought of it transports me back...way back :) to sitting in my mother's garden, eating strawberries (without washing them, of course).

Morgan said...

Thanks, Roland!
Hope that little girl of yours has a wonderful birthday. 7 is such a great age!

Morgan said...

It appears his sister told him that honeysuckles are good to eat. Apparently they've been grazing along the hedgerow. :-)
It does bring back memories, doesn't it? I used to do the same thing as a child, and chew on sourgrass stems. They were my favorite. Of course, I couldn't do it around my grandmother, who always fretted that "some dog had peed on it." Nothing kills your taste for wild plants like the possibility of a dog's having wet it.

Janet said...

When I was a little girl I did the same thing with honeysuckles.... yum!

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