Saturday, April 08, 2006

Isn't she lovely?

My Lady Banks Rose is blooming. I love my Lady Banks Rose, even though she's become an undisciplined wild tangle of a thing whose tendrils reach across the doorway, and over and down the trellis on the other side.

Larry says she needs a severe pruning but - mercifully - has agreed to put it off until after she's finished blooming.

When crowned with her glorious sprays of tiny yellow blossoms, my Lady Banks is the Queen of the Front Flower Bed, despite her humble beginnings. Years ago I discovered her wilted, listing and tiny on the discount rack at - of all places - Wal-Mart. Despite her bedraggled state, I immediately recognized Lady Banks' regal bearing and saved her. But we won't talk about her unlikely beginnings, especially now when she is nearing the peak of her glory. Beneath her branches a court of hostas and coneflowers rise in awe of her majesty.

In our back yard, blooming things continue to erupt under Elmira the Elm Tree. Today it was a beautiful pink tulip. I love tulips. I love the way the blooms start out all tight and reserved before slowly opening, once they acclimate. Tulips are very ladylike flowers.

It's raining a bit today, which is good. We need some showers to coax some of the more reticent plants out of their soily bed. The hibiscus are among the plants that have overslept.

In another week, when all threat of frost has passed, Larry will allow me take some of the more delicate plants out of the greenhouse. I'm counting the days, especially since I'm looking forward to bringing out the odd but eye-catching African mask. Everyone who sees it stops and says, "What is that?" If I'm forced to entertain visitors who aren't talktive, I just show them the plants. It opens them up, like a tulip.


JohnR said...

Morgan: we had a Lady Banks rose in front of our house in Tyler, TX. It was beautiful the three weeks it was in bloom.

I had to tear it out eventually because it was taking over the front of the house.

Several neighborhood cats and at least one child turned up missing.

I think they do better trained over a trellis.


Morgan said...

JohnR, that is too funny. I'll make sure I count the children after your sobering story. :-)
If we lose a barn cat or two, well, worse things can happen.
Thanks for the smile.
Ironically, ours is on a trellis, but it was an inadequate one and has run amock.

El Borak said...

Just wanted to drop in and let you know how muchO I enjoy your stuff, both here and on Vox's site, and on Bethie's too.

You're a good egg.

Morgan said...

El Borak,
I am completely honored that you like my blog, especially after checking yours out and being beset by a case of "Blog Envy!"
I loved the Interests section of your profile; very clever. ;-)
And you sell books on Amazon..I did that for about two years and was really shocked by how much money I made; eventually, though, I had to shutter it because with so much stuff going on packing and shipping books quickly grew to be more than a one-person job and I could think of no way to enlist the help of my already busy family.
I'm still a used-book junkie, though, and lately am buying up copies of anything by the Marquis de Sade (don't ask).
Thanks for your kind comments; consider your blog now to be one of my regular haunts.

El Borak said...

Yeah, we had to buy a building in town to store all the books, though at one time I had 5000 titles in my basement. I like having my basement back.

Since I'm now working full time at the local college, the boys run the bookstore and keep the profits. Not sure what I'll do with it once they go away to college.

Oh, and Bethie designed the blog, so I'll have to deflect any envy toward her talent.