Sunday, April 02, 2006


I got a gifts today, wonderful gifts.

Three-year-old Lucas made me smile this morning when he crawled in bed with Wesley and laid patiently waiting for his big brother to wake up and play with him.

I got to spend time with all of my children, including Jessica, whose schedule makes it difficult for her to come up on the weekends.

My new kitten purred itself to sleep in my lap.

My Lady Banks rose started blooming.

I found the perfect tulip.

I looked at my husband and remembered why I married him, and realized I'd do it all over again.

I read three chapters of a very good book.

I watched Alex blow dandelion seeds.

Daylight savings time began. I love daylight savings time.

All days are not good days, and there will be days that my feelings of sadness will as strong as today's feelings of happiness were.

When that happens, if I start to feel sorry for myself or feel ungrateful or beyond God's grace, I only will need to think back on today and realize I've had more joy in my life than I probably ever deserved. And I will be reminded that I am perfectly loved.


Mia said...


What a lovely post! I enjoy my daily visit to Morganland where cute kids, cuddly pets and exquisite flowering things reside.

Mia(counting her blessings, too)

Morgan said...

Thanks, Mia. Morganland is a happy if hectic place; I imagine Mialand is much the same.
I'm having a bunch of my favorite photos printed out this week and professionally framed. I'm very excited!
I liked what you said about also counting your blessings. Everyone should; there's a lot to be really happy about in almost every life if we only know where to look.

prettylady said... You live in Fairyland. I have lived, and still live, in different Fairylands, but yours is the best of all.

Morgan said...

I do feel like I live under an enchantment of sorts, but anyone willing to create and notice
beauty is no stranger to the Charmed Existence, as you well know.

Taylor said...

Morgan, you and Larry, together through the years, have built this life that gives you so much joy. That's how it works. By building - slowly, sometimes painfully, persisently, day by day, year by year.

Today, you were enjoying the fruit of your labor. Good job!

Morgan said...

Thanks, Taylor. :-) Our house is no Nirvana; we have days where we the water heater breaks, Lucas has meltdowns over the tiniest things, Alex is surly, the teens all need money and we're ready to pull our hair out by noon.
But overall, I'd have to say it's a pretty good existence. Happily ordinary. :-)

Taylor said...

Oh, I didn't mean today as in now. I meant only the day you took those photos and wrote the piece. There's no telling what the day after will bring! LOL!

Morgan said...

Oh, I know, Taylor. I just had some sweet emails praising my idyllic life and want to remind people that it's sometimes a complete madhouse just like theirs. :-)

Shrubbery said...

Good show Morg, good show. Too often we bloggers get blitzed for being too maudlin or sentimental but you carry it well. Your kids are cuuuuuuuute.