Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Guest Meteorologist

It's going to rain today.

I didn't need a forecaster to tell me. I didn't need to see the thick gray clouds rolling across the sky. Even before they moved in a Little Frog told me so.

Little Frog - a green tree frog, to be precise - has taken up residence in my garden room, where he spends his days hidden in one of the orchid pots. At night he comes out and calls - quank, quank, quank.

I've made a game of looking for him, but whenever I get close he goes silent.

But last night I got lucky when I found Little Frog out, in all his glory, on a dendrobium leaf. I kept the lights dim to keep from scaring him away, and snuck up on him to snap this picture. He stayed there for some time and throughout the night I could hear him calling the rain in, or calling because it was coming in. To a frog, rain in the spring means puddles and puddles mean places to mate.

So he called and called and called until just before dawn. I could hear him in my sleep and dreamed of frogs, and woke up to a beautiful cloudy morning.


dlkjdfsa said...

And I thought I was the only one that had conversations with our cousin's. Quank! I should take a queue from that little guy and look for puddles to mate in. All this time I thought bars were the place. Silly humans! Puddles sound much more romantic. That little froggy also reminds me of the ladies, every time I get close they go silent. Boo!

"dreamed of frogs" you're wierd!

I had a dream last night about two whales. People were evacuating them on a little boat. A storm was commin' in. The two whales were suspended from wires stacked on top of each other, they were badly damaged. The whale on the top was torn open and you could see it's skeletal structure. The boat tipped over. The whales core came out of it's skin. Then the core desperately tried to get back in it's skin..... I should ether start writing horror stories or stop looking at the PETA sight.

Morgan said...

I wonder if your whale dream isn't your subconscious replaying your dead seal experience.

It's funny how what happens to us when we're awake gets woven into our minds when we're sleeping.

Two nights ago, I dreamed one of my dogs went made and we had to lock it in a big fence. When I went to visit her, she was going crazy, so I threw a skateboard at her. She jumped on it and started to ride around the pen, which had transformed - through the magic of dreaming - into a big concrete skatepark.

I thought, "Cool, a skating dog."

It was easy for me to trace the dream back to what had happened to me the previous couple of days. I'd taken my kids to the local park, which also had a skatepark on the grounds. A night later, two of my dogs got in a fight.

Voila! Weird dream. Of course, I haven't been to any PETA sites, so my dream didn't involve my dog dressing up as a bunny and throwing fake blood on me. Thank heavens.

Billy D said...

That's a great picture Morgan. Well done.

Billy D said...


Morgan said...

Thanks, Billy. I'm glad you liked the picture; that makes me happy.
I emailed Shrub. I haven't heard anything. Have you?

dlkjdfsa said...

Although it can be hard to look at, like I highly recommend getting involved with PETA. You would not believe the atrocities that are committed in the name of capitalism. It boggles my mind that we went to war in Viet Nam to stop communism and yet we support it by buying everything the asshole Chinese commies make. There are virtually no animal right in china. We buy from them because in is cheap. We intentionally mislabel clothing so it wont say "dog and cat fur" it's disgusting. They sell there pets to fur traders so they can eat. We buy it because it's cheap and we don't even realize we're wearing some ones friend. I'll tell ya' the US needs to open it's eyes.

Anonymous said...

"It might take you a few weeks to get to the end, Equus, but I think you'll like it."

Morgan of the lake.

Sweet! Slayer....

Anonymous said...

There are actual skate boarding dogs on Venice beach L.A. NO joke.

Morgan said...

Maybe my dream was a prophecy. Maybe my dog and I are headed to Venice Beach. ;-)

Morgan said...


I have my own problems with PETA and would never be involved with that organization. Like a lot of "rights" organizations, they are more interested in turning a buck from emotionally charged donors than they really are in helping animals.

You might want to read this article before you go praising PETA to the moon:

I adore my pets and have spent 15 years rescuing injured and orphaned birds of prey, so I've done more than most people I know to help animals. But I also raid my chickens' nests for eggs, preside over the birth of a litter of Pembroke Welsh Corgis every year or so and keep my horses imprisoned in a fence.

I do share your disgust of the way the Chinese treat animals, but I don't like the way people are treated over there, either. Neither animals nor people have any rights in China. China also trades heavily in poached animal parts, which is another reason to boycott their goods, which I do to the extent that I can.

dlkjdfsa said...

Most PETA people I meet are self righteous stinks to be around. I actually started getting involved with a beautiful Japanese, blond dreadlock PETA girl from New Orleans. She was like so cool and like so really concerned for chickens, she like loved cheese so like much but wouldn't like eat it because it came from like a cow, man. I went over to house to eat some tofu. We went to pick up a movie. I was shocked to see that she drove and SUV. I bought my first car at the ripe age of 31 because I didn't want to support destroying my home. I started talking about gas mileage. She mocked my mini van, saying that is wasn't like cool. I said, "it's 13 years old and gets 28 miles a gallon" She said, "yeah, but the front is shaped funny" I said, "there is a reason, it's called aerodynamics. Form over function!" Well we didn't click for obvious reasons. To bad because she was a fox.

I think PETA is important though. People need to stop supporting communism and PETA is the only group I've found that gets that message across in a Technicolor way. Technicolor seems to be the only way to get a point across these days.

dlkjdfsa said...

I haven't givin PETA one cent and they have opened my eyes. You can't knock em' for that.

Billy D said...

I've not heard a peep from Shrub.
Starting to freak me out a bit.

Morgan said...

I'm really worried about him BillyD. It's not like him not to post or answer his emails.

Anonymous said...

Im lurking here but want to tell you I really like your perspectives both in words and pictures. Your a talented young lady.


Morgan said...

Thank you, Kirk. That was very nice of you to say.

Roland said...

Makes me think of the song "Pray for Rain" by PFR.

Thank you.