Friday, March 31, 2006

To Market, To Market...

Tomorrow is the day of the first big plant sale of the year, which officially kicks of Farmer's Market season. Today I've been busy putting things in pots - staghorn ferns, banana trees, day lilies, gladiolus, petunias, angel trumpets. The angel trumpets are my favorite. The ones in the greenhouse are blooming early, their big bell-shaped blooms perfuming the air. The day lilies were a real pain. Larry had dug up a whole mat of them and I had to separate the things before potting them, no small feat when you consider the bulbous roots were all twined together. I used a knife to loosen the roots before wrenching the lilies apart. It worked, although I ended up splattering myself with dirt. It's a good thing I'm not prissy.

At least the weather was perfect for working outdoors, almost too perfect. It was so sunny that I was resorted to wearing the floppy hat I purchased after my sun-loving mother had two melanomas removed and made me afraid of natural light.

Our little gardening business grows every year, and I wonder if a year from now we'll be in a position to hire part-time help. Perhaps at this very moment a starry-eyed Mexican is plotting a way to get past the Minutemen just to achieve his American dream of working for us and listening to my husband have a meltdown everytime he finds a slug in the greenhouse.

But those dreams will have to wait. Right now we are truly a mom and pop operation. Well, mom, pop and the kids. Alex and Lucas helped today. John did not, but it was an excused absence owing to his irrational but hilarious fear of bees. He saw one today and screamed like a girl, and it wasn't even after him.

Today wasn't all work for me, though. My mother and erstwhile babysitter consented to keep the kids this morning so I could get away to the bookstore, where I slipped into a state of absolute bliss upon finding a long-coveted book waiting waiting for me with a big "50% off" sticker slapped right on the jacket.

Tomorrow, though, the focus will be not on spending money, but making some. Hopefully I'll have some good news, interesting anecdotes and nice pictures from our first plant sale of the year. Wish us luck!


prettylady said...

Good luck! I spent as much of the day as possible 'outside,' too, potting things on my fire escape. I got a Rose Bush. One of the hybrid ones that comes in a plantable box, and is just a stump covered in wax. My miniature rose survived the winter out there, and is covered with little leaves, so I decided to take the risk on a big one. Big Cities shall not obstruct my rose obsession.

Morgan said...

I've never had much of a hand at roses, although I do love them. Our Lady Banks rose bush is awesome, though, but I don't take credit.
Patio gardens can be quite beautiful. We have a couple of gay guys who are regular customers at our booth during the spring market. They've covered their balcony with plants they got from us and it's gorgeous.

Shrubbery said...

I love angel trumpets. Do you ship? How much? My mom would love a couple for momma's day.

Taylor said...

I hope you and Larry have great success at the market. I'm sure you'll have the prettiest plants there.

Mia said...

"It's a good thing I'm not prissy" - quote of the day! Ah, but we knew that about ye - we've witnessed your feisty verbal duels with the testosterone patriarchy in blogdom :)

Good luck at the market - happy sales!


Morgan said...

Mia, the Boys of Blogdom need to be roughed up once in a while and who better to do it than some ill-mannered country wench.
Thanks for your good wishes regarding the sale. It went so-so but we had fun anyway!

Taylor, there were a lot of plans. Ours weren't necessarily the prettiest, but we have a lot of oddball stuff that no one else has.

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