Friday, March 10, 2006

Talent Pool

We couldn't have been any prouder if it had been the real Olympics.

John won two ribbons in this week's Special Olympics swimming competitions. He took third place in the 25-yard freestyle and first place in the 25 yard backstroke.

Last year he didn't do so well in the backstroke; this year he nailed it.

Congratulations, John!


Danilo said...

Congratulation, John. hehe
Hi, im brazilian and i did like your blog. :D

If possible, join in mine.

tc said...

Congratulations to your amazing son. It's nice that you got some good news--hopefully everything evens out.


Taylor said...

Yea, John! Like that photo with the ribbons. He looks quite pleased with himself.

Morgan said...

John's funny. He's uneasy posing for photos. He really didn't care for me asking him sit to get the shot. He photographs best when you get him off his guard.

He is pleased with his ribbons, though. I'm going to get a shadow box frame for them today. Between his artwork and his ribbon, he's going to have quite a collection fo stuff to be proud of.

Larry took him and Alex and Lucas out earlier so I could get a bit of work done. Alex and Lucas kissed me goodbye and then John, who was halfway out the door, came back in and kissed me also. I was sopleasantly surprised. He's not always big on showing affection but lately he's been much more demonstrative.

I'll tell him you liked his ribbons. That will make him pleased.

Mia said...

Kudos to John on the ribbons - what a handsome swimmer!

Morgan said...

I was thinking this morning what a fair medium water is for John. In the pool he move through it like any other kid, unlike life. For John, everyday life is a different medium altogether. Ultimately, though, he'll succeed there as well in his own way.

Thanks for your kind comment, Mia. It's much appreciated.

EN said...

Congrats to John.

Morgan said...

Thanks, EN!