Monday, March 20, 2006

My Clown Prince

If I had to compare Wesley to any fictional character, it would be Calvin from the comic strip "Calvin and Hobbes." Just look at him, striped shirt, goofy expression. The only thing he needs is a stuffed tiger.

Yesterday was a good day because we got to hang out. We were getting a bite to eat when Courtney offered to take a picture of me and Wes with her new camera phone. She took several; these were the most normal.

After lunch, Larry went to run errands with Lucas and Wes, Courtney, Alex and I went to the bookstore. I bought a book, some parchment paper and Wes and I went in halves on a beautiful quill pen for Courtney. It's so neat to see him do nice things for her, to treat her so well. It's no mystery to me why he loves her so much. Wesley and I are so similar in humor and temperament and she and I get along famously.

While she and I continued oohing and aahing over the Crane & Co. stationery, leatherbound Italian journals and art books, Wesley and Alex took off for another part of the store. Courtney took this picture of them together. Wesley was reading Alex ghost stories. He's such an awesome big brother.

Back over at the stationary section, some sample words from a magnetic poetry kit were stuck on the side of a metal display. Courtney and Alex challenged Wes to compose a poem using the limited words. Here's what he came up with.

I know a lot of people say that kids are the most fun when they are young, but grown children can surprise and delight you as much as they did when they were tiny. They just do it in different ways.

Wesley has always been creative. He draws beautifully, writes poetry and is doing some journaling. But seeing him do something like this on the spur of a moment really makes my spirit soar in a way that's hard to describe. I don't know what I did to deserve this kid, but it must have been good...


Taylor said...

Wesley obviously got his mother's funny, creative genes. Yes, I can see Calvin written all over him.

Morgan said...

Thanks, Taylor. Wesley's an apple that didn't fall far from the maternal tree, in both good and bad respects. He inherited my creativity and sense of humor but also my penchant for stubborn independence and recklessness. He went through a pretty serious rebellion where he lost his mind for about two to three weeks before he wised up.

All my kids have the advantage of getting a lot of daily prayer. I didn't really understand that phrase "pray without ceasing" until my kids were older and out of my sight. They're always in the back of my mind.

Taylor said...

he lost his mind for about two to three weeks before he wised up

A mere burp. Some parents deal with years of heartache over a child's destructive, irrational behavior. Some never come out of it.

Oh my, I don't have to be a parent to have some an idea of the constant tugging of the heart and preoccupation of the mind that a child away from home would cause for a parent. Yes, I can see how daily prayer would be called for. It must be so hard to let go.

Morgan said...

It's not hard to let go of them. I consider their ability to spread their wings an affirmation that we've properly encouraged the independence necessary to a healthy life. It's the worry that's hard to let go of. I talked to a grandfather at the park last week about his grown kids. I asked him how old his kids were when he stopped jumping when the phone rang at odd hours. He said, "Oh, about 35."

My phone rang at 12:15 last night. I'd just fallen asleep. I was like, "Oh, no. What's happened?" But it was just Wes reminding me to watch South Park on Wednesday.

Really, I've relaxed more than I used to be. It helps that both of my kids are in good relationships with nice people and I don't have to worry about bad influences, the wrong crowd and whatnot.

But then something will happen, like someone getting attacked at the university and I'm calling my daughter each morning to remind her to carry her mace, to stay in lit areas, only walk with a friend, etc...

Jamie said...

That's some great pics of you Morgan, I will have to up you soon, I'm planning on getting my hand on some pics from the parties that went down through the 2000s, but if not, I'll hopefully take some more for the blog this weekend or the next when I'm out and about.

Morgan said...

Thanks, JamieR. You made me laugh so hard over at VP. I rapped you back an answer, homey!! Glad you like the pics. I'm a total shutterbug. Too bad my crazy son can't keep a straight face for more than two seconds, though, the clown.

Do put more pictures up on your blog. I've got a couple of women in my newsroom who are in love with you. ;-)

Jamie said...

Word up.

One, two, three, unto the four
J-J-Jamie Reardon's at the door
Ready to make an entrance
So shout and cheer
Before I have to screw the lid off my beer
Give me the microphone first after a skull of a double
The Lord and JR together now you know you're in trouble...

Morgan said...

It's on, JamieR. I rapped you back. You're too funny, Sport. But I ain't afraid of no rappin Aussie pup. So bring it boy, I'll beat you up.

Geesh, George Bush is on TV and was talking about farm workers and referred to an "onion pecker." Then he corrected himself and said, "onion picker." Dumbass.

Jamie said...

Onion pecker, he ain't a scrabble checker
Or a beard off winner
Patchy and thinner Bush ain't a winner
Bin laden
Just like Aladdin
The Arabian beard champion

Morgan said...

Scrabble checker...LOL..You nut.

Anonymous said...

Morgan, forgive me. I just now realized that’s you in the photos with Wesley. Love your expressions - you look so natural and pretty.

How could I have missed that? Now I’m really starting to get scared. Hope they have Internet access at the insane asylum.

Your blogger is completely misbehaving again - acting like a drunken Aussie at a high tea.

Taylor said...

That was me. Blogger didn't leave me a place to enter my handle. But at least it took my comment. It's taken several tries to get this one in...

Morgan said...

Blogger continues to have issues. Today I tried to load a couple of Blogger blogs and got background wallpaper and no text. Hopefully they'll get the issues resolved.
Thanks for the compliment. Wes brings out the best in me, and the silliness. He's good company. :-)

Shrubbery said...

Hey Jamie, those lyrics and the cadence wouldn't be inspired by Snoop & Dre in Nothin But A G Thang now, would they?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you two. I read that exchange. Hilarious. look much nicer in these pictures than the ones you sent Nate.

Crystal Lake

Morgan said...

Thanks, CL. I sent Nate a pic of me in my hippie skirt since I figured it was a good representation of what they expected to see. ;-)
I'm glad you like these better.
JamieR and I will have to rap more often, given that people seem to enjoy it. We could start a rap group along with the cult.

Jamie said...

Yep, the first one Shrub. It's like how Snoop paid tribute to Rakim on the rap he did for Old School the movie.

Beth said...

second to my mom, you're the coolest mom ever

Anonymous said...

Aaah, Beth, that's so sweet. :-)

Anonymous said...

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