Friday, March 17, 2006

The moments you never forget...

After an outing to the park, we went to a homeschoolers’ St. Patrick's Day get-together at a friend’s beach house. There was an Irish storyteller, lots of crafts and games for the kids and afterwards we all walked to the ocean.

By then it was really warm and Alex and Lucas got happily soaked splashing in the surf. John paced the beach fretting over them, especially if Lucas looked as if he was going to get in water above his knees. Even thought I told John that it was OK, I wasn't going to let anything happen to the little ones, he was increasingly agitated and was too worried to have fun.

And then, it happened.

Dolphins - a school of about six or eight of them bounding closer to shore than I've ever seen them do.

You have to know John to know how he feels about dolphins. He loves them. I mean he absolutely loves them. And until now he'd never seen them in the wild.

He ran down the beach looking and yelling with such rapture that I almost cried for happiness, but of course I couldn't let him run down the entire beach, so I went after him. A couple of other homeschooling moms watched the little ones as I chased John. When I finally caught up with him, he turned and cried, "Dolphins!" and hugged me so tight I thought my ribs would break.

What an interesting day. What a wonderful gift. What an awesome memory.


Taylor said...

Okay woman, I'm not the type to envy anyone, but now I'm starting to feel it... On top of everything you have, you live close to the ocean! That's the last straw.

I am so happy for John that those dolphins came along to make his day.

Morgan said...

I'm about 40 minutes from the ocean. It's very nice. :-)
It's very, very nice when it's not crowded. The kids just love it.

I think watching John getting so excited about those dolphins is going to be in my Top Ten happiest memories. He's so genuinely joyful and just couldn't restrain his happiness today. I just felt like God sent those dolphins for him because he was sad.

Taylor said...

Yes, that was my thought too. God sent those sweet creatures your way just for John's sake.

Morgan said...

When something like that happens, I have no doubt that it's God. I feel God's presence so often in simple things; alas, I've never felt it in a church.

prettylady said...

Or perhaps the dolphins came of their own accord, in response to John's deep love for them. Dolphins know a lot more than we do, on some levels. God within them, and within John, connected and brought them together.

Do you think John might ever be able to work with dolphins? There are jobs like that.

Morgan said...

"God within them, and within John, connected and brought them together."

That's exactly how I saw it, for I don't think communications from a higher power are reserved for humanity alone. I think while both man and beasts receive it, only man is more apt to ignore its subtle tugs.

"Do you think John might ever be able to work with dolphins? There are jobs like that."

He was able to pet captive dolphins, in Florida. There's quite a connection he feels. I'm not sure if - with John's limitations - he'd be able to do anything with them on a professional level. It would be nice if he could get some sort of work at an aquarium where he could even see them. Only the local aquarium doesn't have dolphins, at least not now.

John love animals of all kinds, cats, horses, etc. I see him doing something that puts him close to his love. But that is yet unknown.

I did love what you said, about the dolphins. I do know animals have a deep intuitive sense of emotions. I was feeling a bit blue one morning when I was doing my chores and my Haflinger came up and laid her head on my shoulder. Animals can be such wonderful friends.

prettylady said...

I do know animals have a deep intuitive sense of emotions.

You are so correct. I probably would not be alive today if it were not for my cats. They do trade-off duty; the little one who died last year was the everyday, constant adorer for 14 years, while her elder brother the Big Splendid Cat is responsible for triage, allowing me to weep tempestuously into his fur for hours when things get really bad.

Morgan said...

Oh, cats can be enormously therapeutic and comforting. There's something in the warmth and weight of them, whether you're curled around them in bed or they're curled up in your lap.

Dogs can be comforting, too, but the problem with dogs is that they try to hard to cheer you up. Cry for longer than three minutes and a dog will whine, then sit and star and then try and physically lift you with his nose. If you acknowledge him, he'll try to play with you. It's his way of trying to get you to take your mind off of things.

But cats...ah, cats know that sometimes you don't want to cheer up, that a good cry is the best medicine. So cats lay there and ignore their aversion to water as your tears soak their fur.

In the pet world, dogs are the shot of strong, mind-dulling whiskey. Cats are the cup warm, of comforting tea.

Morgan said...

Oh, the cup of warm comforting tea....My brain is all thumbs, today, friends. And, what with such a good night's sleep there's really no excuse.

Mia said...

Hmm..that story made liquid leak from my eyes....witnessing a child's pure love of such an experience is indeed a blessing.


prettylady said...

the problem with dogs is that they try to hard to cheer you up.

This is why I cannot abide dating doglike men. I am a cat person all the way.

Morgan said...

Thank you, Mia. You are kind.

Morgan said...

"This is why I cannot abide dating doglike men."

Amen. Doglike men either want you to constantly play fetch (fetch me a beer, fetch me dinner) or hump you. Catlike men value of curling up, leaving you be and - when you need it - making you purr. Or yowl. ;-)