Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Guess who aced her paper?

Go ahead, guess.

OK, I'll give you a hint. She's funny, smart, level-headed hard-working.

And she's my firstborn.

That's right. It's my lovely Jessica.

She just called me to tell me she got the highest grade in her class and that her professor planned to use her paper as an example for other students.

It seems like just yesterday she was four years old, nestled in my lap and learning to read stories I wrote about her Cupcake dolls. Even when she was tiny, she had a seriousness about her. My Jessica, an old soul. So purposeful about life.

I marvel at the woman she has become. A university student with a sweet future. And a sweet boyfriend. No, I didn't forget about you, Brandon, because I know if I did Jessica would call and give me an earful. Besides, how could I not include the guy who I would have picked for her myself, were I the type to script my child's life.

When Jessica was born and placed in my arms, I remember looking at her face and thinking, "Is this real? Am I really fortunate to have been blessed with this beautiful daughter?" Twenty years later, I ask myself that same thing every day.


Taylor said...

You make beautiful babies, Morgan. And you must raise them right, as well. Congratulations on your lovely, intelligent Jessica.

Morgan said...

Oh, thanks, Taylor.

I am ever so proud of them. They're good people and Jessica is so together and motivated. It hasn't all come naturally to her, either. She has to work. And she does.

I'm going to add pics and a bio of John-John this weekend. He's such a good egg. :-)

Beth said...

I think that all parents should have blogs. It's the best self-esteem booster ever.

Morgan said...

Oh, it probably won't always be self-esteem building. If I'd had the blog last year I could have written about Wesley's antics with his sports car and how he briefly lost his mind before getting back on the straight and narrow. Well, manybe not straight and narrow. His is a meandering sort of road of fluctuating width. But then he is his mother's son. :-)

digitalcowboy said...

Will you adopt me?

Morgan said...

Well, let's see, Cowboy. As Auntie Morgan, I've already sort of adopted JamieR. I suppose I could be your Auntie Morgan as well.

But I am curious. Just why would you want to join our dysfunctional little family?