Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another poem that came to me

Pillow Talk

by Morgan

"We were young once," I say
as side-by-side in bed we lay
chest to chest and thigh to thigh.
"Yes we were," you say, and sigh.

"I used to be afraid of age
to fear the knowlege that the wage
of living is to see
the advance of one's mortality."

I tell this to you as I trace
the subtle lines upon your face.
You hug me then and draw me near
"Wife," you say, "Do not fear.
Look how much so far we've weathered
All is well if we're together."

Your hand then skims my waist-length hair,
finds rounded hip and settles there
on stretch marks left by children born
then nursed on breasts that time has worn
from ripe firm peaks to softer weights
and I am happy for a fate
that finds me in this place, this house
this special moment with my spouse
whose touch still makes me flush and glow
with passion's fire. I love you so.


tc said...

Very, truly sweet. *Sniff*

What a lucky man he is.


Morgan said...

Thanks, Tom. I'm a lucky woman. :-)

Taylor said...

As I told you, Morgan, you have it all as far as I'm concerned. And that you would be inspired to write this beautiful poem attests to that. If I had a cup right now, I would toast you, Larry, and your life and love together. May you always be inspired by them.

If I could stand any one guy for more than 6 months, I'd probably marry him. Such a man has yet to come into my life... so be it.

prettylady said...

I have tears in my eyes. Genuinely. Bless you.

Morgan said...

Thanks, Taylor. You are so sweet.
You're a class act; you won't regret adhering to those high standards. The pickiest picker always harvests the cream of the crop. :-)

Morgan said...

Thanks, Pretty Lady. You've made my day, not by tearing up but by being moved enough to do so.

Taylor said...

What I had wanted to finish with is that your lovely poem reminds someone like me about how life is so much better with the right person to share it. Believe it or not, one can lose sight of this when the demands of life preoccupy the mind.

Taylor said...

Yay! Blogger is behaving now!

Taylor said...

Thanks, Morgan. It's a big, big world. I'll get back out there soon enough.

Taylor said...

Just because I can... blogger tried my patience today.

Morgan said...

"What I had wanted to finish with is that your lovely poem reminds someone like me about how life is so much better with the right person to share it. Believe it or not, one can lose sight of this when the demands of life preoccupy the mind."

Oh, I imagine it can. I think for some women the temptation is strong to settle for less than they deserve, especially when they feel squeezed between relatives pressuring them to settle down and idiots who tell them if they haven't snagged a guy by 35 or 40 they're destined to be alone.

A very dear friend of mine, a sparkling, witty 55 year old is now in a very serious relationship with the first man she's really ever felt she could let herself fall for and he is a *gem* of a guy. She said what I've said before; it's better to wait and have fewer but intensively happy years together than get married for security, to have babies or some other sell out reason. People should marry for love. And they should choose someone worth loving.
I believe the right guy is out for you, Taylor, and when he finds you both of you are going to be glad you were so choosy. :-)

I'm glad you got through to blogger.

Taylor said...

55! That's a long wait for Mr. Right! Better late than never, I suppose. Actually, I've never felt pressure to get married. My family/friends know me too well for that - I'm probably as hard-headed, independent, and picky as they come.

If the right guy is out there for me, I'm making it impossible for him to find me. You guys are just about the only contact I have with the outside world there days. Oh boy, when Mr. Right does come long, he's going to become Mr. Exhausted ;-)

Morgan said...

You must go to Australia. Age difference or no, I think you and JamieR would at least have a good time.

Taylor said...

You're not helping, girl. Here, I've sworn off younger men, and from what should be a safe, virtual world, emerges that grade A prime piece of Aussie beef right on my nice warm laptop. A girl's just not safe anywhere these days...

Morgan said...

You are crazy if you don't buy a ticket. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Sport's cute as a bug. I've never been a big fan of younger men, but if I were single I'd make an exception.

Taylor said...

Don't ya see? I am where I am because of doing exactly what you are suggesting. It's too damned easy to run around having fun with whoever strikes your fancy - whatever age they may be.

No, time to get serious and think about the future. It's coming up faster and faster...

I have no doubt you'd go for it. You strike me as quite the adventurous type.

Morgan said...

Girl, just because you're holding out for lobster is no reason not to have a nice piece of beef once in a while. ;-)

Taylor said...

This thread has gone from the beauty of a life's true love to satiating one's appetite with a good serving of Aussie beef. We're seriously getting off topic here. LOL!

Morgan said...

Now, see, you're looking at it wrong. Fun is a big part of life's beauty, especially when we're talking about fun with a beautiful young Australian man. I say have fun but don't *marry* anyone until you find the right one. That doesn't mean you can't play Wedding Night with the runners-up.

I know you think me bad, but I don't believe in celibacy. I certainly don't believe in virgins getting married.

Taylor said...

I don't think you bad at all. I'd have to be a giant hypocrite to do so. And I appreciate your input, sweetie.

Hey, there's plenty of fun to be had right here, if that's what I was interested in. Heavens, just today at the gas station, while paying inside, this gorgeous specimen in a suit hands me his business card. Wow! And I was a mess. Barefoot, no make-up, hair looked like I just woke up - because I had. He's an attorney. They're everywhere, honey. I could have fun every night of the week. LOL!

I do need to take (or get) some action. If I decide to take your advice, you'll know. Taylor will be scarce around the blogosphere.

You're writing up a storm on your blog. Can hardly keep track of the new postings.

Morgan said...

I write when the urge hits me and when I do I'm exceedingly fast. Usually I don't post three things in a day like I did yesterday, but a lot happened so I thought it would be nice to put out some new m

I really wish I'd started blogging sooner. It's a lot of fun and I love other blogs. They're so interesting! If you havent' checked it out, I highly recommend Pretty Lady's blog.

A hot attorney? Dear, you should definitely enjoy a dalliance. Who knows, it may go somewhere. If not, then you've had a bit of fun. I can see nothing wrong with it.

Taylor said...

I enjoy your blog very much, Morgan. It has a distinct feel to it. You are a good writer and full of surprises. And the accompanying photos that you often post make it that much better.

Got the card right here. Could be tempted some warm, breezy Spring evening to give it go. You know what they say about Springtime.

prettylady said...

Ack! So sorry to have missed so much of this conversation!

Taylor, you and I have a lot in common. I have no advice, except that spring is coming, and things cannot help but perk themselves up. Run off to Australia if you feel like it, stay in town and get taken to dinner by an attorney, blog to your heart's content. Just know that you have sisters who are just like you, and cannot figure it out either.

Morgan said...

By all means, Taylor, take Pretty Lady's advice. Being single and successful in your career is that it afford incredible freedom.

Unlike a woman who's unable to afford travel, you're free to enjoy a virtual buffet of experiences and men outside your area code.

Go, go!! Even if you don't find a guy, you'll have availed yourself of some wonderful experiences other folks - male and female - only dream of.

Morgan said...

Lord am I having an off day.

"Being single and successful in your career is that it afford incredible freedom."

That should have been prefaced by "The advantage of..."

Taylor said...

Ladies, it does me good to have you on my side and do appreciate your words of encouragement. But, God has finally cornered me and put me in a position which I seem to have purposely eluded, that is, to think of someone else besides myself. As such, my life is not my own at this time.

Most times I maintain a stoic attitude and try to grow from it, but sometimes I just want to run away, screaming.

So you see, there's more to my story - as there is with everyone. I'm no exception.

Morgan said...

Oh, bless your heart Taylor. I'm sorry to have presumed so much.
It would be my hope that whatever obligation holds you will allow you some relief - even if is temporary - if for no other sake than your sanity.

Everyone needs time to themselves. I'm very prone to telling my husband and children that I need a day away with friends, a beloved sister or just by myself. Families have a hard time understanding that he females they rely on fell ground down and dulled by the pressure of caretaking.

While God may give us our nurturing abilities to help others, I believe He doesn't deny us permission to lavish same on ourselves.

Here's hoping you can get away for some Quality Taylor Time. The thought of you running away screaming makes me sad.

Taylor said...

Thank you, Morgan, dear. Don't be sorry. I have it better than 90% of most people in this harsh world.

My Christian beliefs help me tremendously to put things in perspective and understand what's going on in my life. As most challenges we face, they will make us better for having gone through them, even if we'd never purposely put ourselves in those situations.

You certainly seem to have a healthy attitude about balancing all the demands that work, family, and life make on you. That's the lesson I have yet to learn. Knowing that others, as yourself, make life work for them is motivating indeed.

Morgan said...


I consider myself as much a Christian as anyone else, although I refuse to get into debates with people who demand I explain my beliefs in a way that satisfies their definition of "Christian."

That said, I do believe that God, like a loving parent, never burdens us with tests without supplying some mechanism for relief from our that burden.

Christians are too often taught that to be a good Christian is to suffer, something I disagree with.

Many people pray and pray for relief without realizing that God speaks to us through our own bodies. Stress, illness and upset are God's messages to take a break from which we come back renewed and refreshed to continue His work.

Stepping away from a harried life for awhile is no sin, as one cannot truly be a good helper if they are unhappy.

Now, I'm not saying this is your lot, but if it is I would respectfully suggest that God will think no less of you if you put your list on people to be taken care of.

If I didn't take time for myself, I'd be a total basket case.

Taylor said...

Thanks, Morgan. I've pulled myself up by my own bootstraps on more than one occasion. This time though, events have come together to produce the perfect storm in my life and I can't even find my bloody bootstraps.

I think God is showing little Miss Taylor that she's not as strong, controlled and independent as she thinks she is. The phrase being brought to one's knees comes to mind. So be it, I say. Who am I to argue with God. He's made it abundantly clear what He expects from me. And in doing so, He is also showing me that I'm not gonna cut it on my own...

Sometimes I am perversely fascinated as things unfold before me.

Morgan said...

"And in doing so, He is also showing me that I'm not gonna cut it on my own..."

I'd respectfully submit that God wouldn't show you that you can't make it on your own without sending in someone for you to lean on. That would be cruel, and while I know some Christians revel in the image of a cruel, punishing God, I do not.

Taylor said...

No, Morgan. It's nothing like that. God isn't cruel. It's clear to me that one of the things He wants is for me to realize that I need other people, something I have never felt the need for. In fact, have pretty much always considered it a weakness. Well, He's showing me otherwise. Don't lump me in with anyone when it comes to Christian beliefs. I don't fall into any group think on this.

And see how great and loving He is. Knowing I can't get away, He's led me to you wonderful people. And I have no doubt He will keep doing that until I get the message loud and clear... When God decides He's going homeschool you, you have no choice but to listen and learn. LOL!

Morgan said...

Oh, Taylor, I didn't mean to imply that *you* bought into the notion of a harsh and punishing God. It's just that some people do and would tell you that to suffer is somehow holy.

I totally understand what you're saying now, and know if you ever need a friend or anything, I'm here for you. If you'd ever like to, you can email me at:

Taylor said...

Thank you, Morgan, dear. Do appreciate your offer of friendship. I have copied your email now, if you want to delete that entry. People can be weird. I don't think I would want to publish my email on a blog.

Morgan said...

Don't worry about it. It's a Hotmail account I created just for this blog. It's listed on the contact section of the blog and I enjoy quite a bit of correspondence both from posters here and from VP.

Taylor said...

I imagine you would get quite a bit from VP. Sometimes, it appears as if you're the one they love to hate. You've got a thick skin, woman.

Morgan said...

The funny thing is that I don't hear from the nasty ones. I hear from the ones who like me but who are afraid to say it on VP. I've got an ongoing correspondence with about six VP'ers. People are often so much more pleasant in private.

Taylor said...

Isn't that interesting. I guess the blog mentality is so different from the one-on-one email mentality. Probably because when blogging people are performing for the blog crowd whereas in emails, people are really trying to communicate. And may I say, you've put in some great performances!

Morgan said...

The funny thing is that the ones who've contacted me have more in response to some terribly bad behavior on the part of the attackers. The emails usually start, "Why I don't always disagree with you...." Then they go on to say they appreciate my sticking to my guns or whatever and remind me that certain stupid, catty and/or rabid bloggers don't represent everyone else. Which of course, I know. I always replay and so far it's led to some good conversations away from VP.

There are truly some diamonds in the rough at VP, and ironically the nastiness directed towards me has tended to draw them out in an effort to distance themselves from the rabble. So the freaks, while trying to enforce a herd mentality, are failing. They've actually helped me make a number of good friends.

prettylady said...

They've actually helped me make a number of good friends.

Well, I do hope so.

Taylor, please feel free to contact moi as well. I do feel a certain kinship. And I bless you in your struggles; I agree with Morgan, that God does not hand us more than we can handle at once--but usually it's right up to the edge.

Taylor said...

Thank you, Pretty Lady. Yes, right up to the edge - which I keep thinking I've reached and then get another little shove. One's character weaknesses become quite a liability. And here I thought I was so perfect ;-) NOT! says God.