Thursday, February 16, 2006

Unwelcome Visitors

The weather's been unusally warm lately. I hope it doesn't bring the snakes back out. But if it does, at least the kids have been taught not to go near them.

If they see a snake, they tell me. And I tell their dad.

Larry caught this nearly six-food canebrake rattlesnake in our back yard two summers ago. Rattlers grow big here in the southeast. This one was on the prowl for a mate. Now he's prowling around in the middle of the game preserve, where we relocated him the same day after getting some photos. I was the photographer. And no, I didn't get as close as it looks like I did. I've got a good zoom on my camera. ;-)

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Beth said...


how 'bout that.

i've never actually been up close to a rattlesnake. hawaii doesn't have snakes, and it's really weird for me. i used to go snake-hunting (for like, little ring-necks and whatnot) with my little brothers.