Sunday, February 19, 2006

That Creative Urge

I haven't sewn for a few weeks, not because I haven't been wanting to, but because nothing has really inspired me. I don't use patterns; I design my own creations. That ups the ante a bit because it's more work. But I've never seen the logic in sewing something that looks like it was bought in a store. If you're going to sew, make something you can't buy at the mall - something no one else will have.

But being uninspired puts me in a bad mood, especially when I have a beautiful, recently hand-knitted shawl just screaming for a coordinating skirt. For the last couple of days I've been going through books looking at photographs and going, "nope, nope, nope..."

Then last night it hit me. I want to design a skirt with an applique of a celtic cross. So I went online and looked until I found the perfect one with knotwork that was beautiful but not so intricate that it was intimidating.

Today I sketched the cross. Tonight I traced the sketches onto fusible webbing. Later I'll affix them to the applique fabric. Tomorrow, I'll cut out the skirt pieces and applique the cross to the front panel.

It's going to be a challenge; everyone I've talked to who's appliqued knotwork says it's a lot of work. But I think I'll enjoy it. If it goes as well as I hope, I'll post pictures when I'm done.

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