Monday, February 20, 2006

Some husbands bring home flowers..

I thought only little boys were supposed tote home snakes and other creatures. At our house, it's the big boys.

So Larry comes home today with a bucket. In the bucket is a PVC tube with a piece of screen molded to one end. In the tube is a rat.

"Look at this," he said. "What do you think?"

"I think you have a rat in a bucket," I said.

"Call the kids," he replied. "I want them to see this."

So I called the kids outside. "Look," I said. "Daddy brought home dinner."

Larry gave me his "don't-be-a-smartass" look - the one he gives me about four times a day - and explained to the kids that the Catch of the Day was a Hispid Cotton Rat. It looked more like a vole to me, or a vole crossed to a field mouse. Larry said it's mate had been crushed inside a piece of machinery at my dad's place.

He sent me for the camera, so we could capture this special moment forever. But why be greedy? Why should I enjoy such a golden moment without sharing it with the rest of you?

Behold, the rat.

After a few more moments of watching the rat bash itself agains the sides of the bucket, Larry and Alex walked to the shed back in the woods behind our house and set it free. Hopefully it will get over its dead mate and find a new love amid the brambles. Or get eaten by an owl.

Larry means well, I know. And I have to say when he does things like this it must makes me realize what a unique man I'm married to, the freak.


Anonymous said...

Sooooo cute.... ~Renee

Morgan said...

Yeah, if there's any man who can give a girl the warm fuzzies, it's my husband. :-)
We were made for each other. When we met I was working with birds of prey. He was a snake wrangler. I friends saw an instant match.
I fell for him because he was tall, had a beard and didn't think it was weird when I asked if we could stop and look at dead animals on the road. (Sometimes the best way to get a good look at coyote anatomy is after it's been run over.)
He fell for me because I had big boobs and told him - with a wink - I wanted to become a snake handler.
A marriage, a family, and a farm later we're still together and not much has changed. ;-)

Difster said...

I'd have probably killed the rat unless setting it free served some other useful purpose. I don't see many useful purposes for rats, at least none that would be harmed by eliminating the one in my immediate custody.

Morgan said...

The Hispid Cotton Rat is a threatened species; I probably should have mentioned that in my blog.

Larry would have never brought Norway rat home, and in the event we catch one of those nasty creatures skulking around our chicken coops we sic the corgis on it. Alas, even to hippies, all rats are not created equal.

Difster, I visited your blog the other day and saw the picture of you and your little girl blowing the dandelion. That was just too damn cute.