Friday, February 17, 2006

Meanwhile, back at the farm...

..our araucana chickens have finally kicked into full production mode, and just in time, too! The farmer's market starts in April and organic eggs sell quite well.

Other vendors, though, offer only brown and white eggs. That's why I picked the auraucanas, which lay green, pink and brown eggs.

The chicken tractors - moveable coops - allow us to "free range" the chickens without the fear of predation. Several times a day we move the "tractors" around our property. The chickens forage for insects, eat weeds and grass and reward us with excellent, high-quality eggs. Unfortunately, if one of the kids drops an egg on the way back in the house, the corgis are quick to claim that reward. Today, it was Sport who was the lucky recipient of our clumsiness.

Two of the hens, who are allowed to take their chances and truly free range, have become quite tame, thanks to Alex and Lucas. Above, Alex is shown holding Bedelia and Lucas is shown feeding Bedelia and Jane.


Beth said...

makes me miss el borak's farm :)

once my hubby is out of the service, i want to move to the midwest and live on a farm. he's a city boy, but i really don't think anything can ever compare to getting to step in chicken poo every day while doing chores

Morgan said...

Most of our chickens are in chicken tractors, so we always know what spots to avoid after we rotate them. But we have a few free-roaming chickens so we're always on the lookout for "mine fields."
I'll have to post pictures of our two ponies for you to see.
Living in the country is the best. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Where are you living now?

Beth said...

My husband is stationed in Hawaii. It's really pretty and we live in a valley so it's not too crowded, but it's an entire different experience than a farm, and the farm was one thing I didn't know I would miss until I left home :)