Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I hope she wins...


Stop whining, Pierce Marshall.

Anna Nicole Smith gave your daddy an opportunity to experience something that escapes most mere mortals: a chance to see heaven before they die. But for J. Howard Marhall, that heavenly vision wasn't wasn't angels on clouds, but two bonafide Playboy centerfold boobs which she graciously bared for the old man even as he lay on his deathbed.

Who knows, maybe Anna Nicole was trying to hasten his death. If it had worked, her tactic could have changed the entire euthanasia debate. Jack Kervorkian could put aside his cocktail of lethal medicine in favor of implants.

But really, Pierce Marshall. Shut up about your damn inheritence, already. You're guaranteed half of it as it is. Besides, you know as well as I do that the sight of your waiting there at the bedside like some vulture wasn't nearly as gratifying to your 90-year-old dad as getting flashed by his wife.

So let the girl get paid. Half a billion dollars is a enough for anyone to live on. You won't even miss it.


Shrubbery said...

For your perusal Morg...enjoy


Morgan said...

Naughty, Shrub. Very naughty. But very nice. ;-)

digitalcowboy said...

Who's winning here?

The lawyers.

Cato Younger said...

Never fails to disappoint.