Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Happy Couple

If these two end up getting married one day, I'll be the happiest mother-in-law in the world. Wesley and Courtney are peas in a pod. I didn't believe my smart, crazy son could ever find someone so intelligent and pretty who shares his quirky sense of humor.

We had so much fun just hanging out today. We watched two movies - one of my favorites, Rob Roy, which Courtney hadn't seen and the documentary Grizzly Man, after which we debated the madness of Timothy Treadwell.

Later, Wesley spent time wrestling his little brother into fits of giggles and playing Nintendo with Alex and John. They think Wesley is the greatest. Every big brother should be so admired, or so deserving of admiration.

When Wesley was still a little tyke like Lucas, I remember wondering what kind of young man he'd grow into. I also remember fretting over how fast he was growing.

But don't let anyone tell you that having grown children isn't as wonderful as having little ones. It's just different and so rewarding to spend time together not just as family but as friends.

I have to pinch myself every day. I feel that blessed.


Beth said...

you have a son? really? i thought you were like 22

Morgan said...

That's sweet. Thanks. I have five kids. My oldest daughter, Jess, is 20. Wesley is 19. John is 15. Alex is 8 and Lucas is 3.
I'll be 41 in June, but I really don't feel it. ;-)

Beth said...

That's awesome. :) Yeah, you look a lot younger.

Courtney said...

Glad to hear you'd be a happy mother-in-law! I must say that it's been a blessing to just sort of fall into your family. You guys rock. You've spawned 5 incredible children!